Advice needed on which Bona waterborne finish for kitchen remodel

SparklingWaterApril 26, 2013

Our kitchen remodel is about four to six weeks off and I'm seeking advice on our kitchen hardwood floors.

The entire house of white oak was re-finished years ago: sanded down, stain applied, Bona Pacific Strong Waterborne Poly Finish layers applied. Regrettably the floors did not withstand normal family traffic well at all (long story).

With the current kitchen remodel, Bruce oak hardwood (left from previous owners) will be placed in any gaps left from appliance and cabinet removal. It's in great shape and tongue and groove. A professional floor refinisher will be performing all the work on the kitchen floors.

My floor question in general is: after screening of the Bona Pacific Strong finish, should Bona Traffic be used? I've been told waterborne poly finish once means waterborne poly forever, unless thousands of square hardwood floor footage is totally redone again which is not going to happen.

I just want to re-do the kitchen floors and do them correctly so the finish lasts a much longer time. I believe that means a Bona Finish similar to the waterborne poly Pacific Strong used the first time. We need consistency from to adjacent rooms. Just the finish is being re-placed as the stain is fine: warm and nice. Is Bona Traffic the same sheen as Bona Pacific Strong? I take it we have the least sheen ever seen on any Bona-finished floors, or the finish just got totally absorbed into the hard wood. This time I know a sealer will be put down before the new Bona product, but which Bona waterborne poly finish to choose this time?

Thank you for your advice. Yes, our new floor refinisher will weigh in mightily here. I also will call Bona tech support soon also to ask which Bona product they advise under these circumstances and I'm hoping one of their regional representatives will come out and give a consultation.

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You really do need a professional consultation and guidance. Whether sealer is done or not hinges on what you intend on doing this time around. Whatever you not use Pacific Strong or any other inferior choice.

Traffic now is available in three gloss levels...gloss, semigloss and commercial satin (matte). Traffic HD also is available in a "commercial extra matte" gloss level. Your refinisher ought to be able to guide you in choosing a gloss level that will blend with the rest of your flooring.

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I was hoping you might comment glennsfc :). You lend a valued hand on GW flooring.

Yes, I never knew Bona Pacific Strong was inferior sadly.

I will ask two high volume pro-floor companies to come and look and recommend this time. I guess I'll have to stay with Bona finish since it's every where and I'm thinking Traffic (which should have been used the first time).

This time we're going to have to do it room to room or two to three at a time, not the entire house emptied as first time. This means the Bona finish must be mass produced and QA be the same each time no matter which sheen level.

I'm going to call Bona Products. They know I've struggled with the finish result of their Pacific Strong.


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"Yes, I never knew Bona Pacific Strong was inferior sadly."

Pacific Strong is 'inferior' when compared with other finish products in the Bona line. I am sure some customers have been very happy with the choice.

Good luck with your floors.

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I doubt that glennsfc. That's why Pacific Strong was pulled by Bona and replaced by Bona Waterborne Traffic. Shame on me for not doing my own research into Bona finishes at the contract time, as Traffic was available. Might have been inadequate drying times that contributed to the mess of a job.

Do your own research hard wood floor lovers!

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Bona did not replace Pacific Strong with Traffic, if my memory is correct. Pacific Strong was non-yellowing while Traffic is not. I think they were both in the product line at the same time. Saying that is like saying GM replaced the Corvette with the Fiero.
If anything, the replacement for Pacific Strong in the US is Novia. Between the Novia and Traffic is Bona Mega. You can add Mega booster (aziridine) to Mega and get near Traffic performance for less money. Pacific Strong was much less costly than Traffic, and maintained properly, could provide a suitable floor finish.
If you're looking for better durability at a lower price, you can apply oil-modified polyurethane over your water-borne finish as long as it's cured completely.
Personally I think Traffic is overpriced but if you need a durable finish that dries fast and has low odor it's one of the best water based finishes you can use.

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What do you think of Street Shoe waterborne products, JFCWood? Screen, seal, finish. Less costly than Traffic. Gloss sheen.

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Hi, I haven't used Street Shoe but I know some contractors around here have used it on restaurant floors and been happy with it.
If you're looking for gloss you must be prepared to recoat it more often regardless of what finish you choose. I would still opt for semi-gloss oil-modified polyurethane if it was feasible. I have it right in my store entry and while it does show scratches and indentations, it has worn very well.

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Thanks for you words of wisdom, JFCWood. I truly appreciate your advice. Nicely done hard wood floors are truly wonderful.

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Update: JFCWood, if you see this, my husband wishes a full polyurethane floor finish, as he's tired of the waterborne products and hassle. You said: "I would still opt for semi-gloss oil-modified polyurethane if it was feasible."

-Would you give me two well known manufacture choices of an oil-modified polyurethane finish?

-May we still screen the current Bona poly waterborne finish and then apply a semi-gloss oil-modified polyurethane finish? My husband prefers such for durability, and we would gradually re-work our way through the rooms starting with the kitchen remodel.

Thank you for any advice on this.

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