Anybody Buy Outdoor Furniture at Macy's

sprtphntcAugust 1, 2012

hi everyone,

they are having a sale and was wondering if anyone bought outdoor wicker furniture from them??

if so, do you like it, how has it held up and do you leave it outside all winter. (i am in the northeast).

also, how have the cushions held up.

any other info would be most appreciated.


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I haven't purchased the wicker from them but did get an aluminum set. It's high quality, very sturdy. I got mine on sale last summer - round table, 6 seats with the umbrella. I think I paid around $1000 on sale. But no cushions - I didn't want them because we have neighborhood roaming cats and I was concerned they may use the furniture as their personal cushions lol.

It bring it in to the garage for the winter, I just think it's a good idea but I'm sure it would be fine with a cover over it if I didn't. I'm in the northeast also.

Anyway, I've also bought a lot of indoor furniture from them also and it's all great. Plus, Macy's has very good customer service and will stand by their product completely. It killed me that my ex wouldn't let me take any of it with me when I moved out :(

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We hav bought mattresses from Macy's in the past and found their customer service to be very good...have also bought furniture from there and been happy with results...
with outdoor furniture two factors are important to me--
the arms of the chairs need to be wide enough to be comfortable for your arms for longer periods...
some less expensive mfg have narrow arms with rolled edges that become annoying after a while...
and weight --
you want the furniture to be light enough to move inside for storage if needed but not so light that it will blow over if you have stormy weather and arean't home...
and I guess 3rd point is just comfort--
some chairs just don't "fit" us always sit in what you are considering and see how easy the chairs are to slide up to the table and if they fit underneath all the way

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thans for the replies...

i wound up changing my mind and ordered an aluminum set "soho" which is a "closeout."
i felt the wicker would be too hard to keep clean, all those groves, and it was too big looking for my deck. also, it would be impossible for me to store.

the aluminum was lighter, will be easier to clean, smaller overall and i can hopefully fit it in my side shed for the winter (frames only). cushions will go in deck box and hopefully stay dry!!??.

the price was too good to pass up and i really was tired of looking. i know, thats not a good excuse. i did get some really good leads from catmom and others, but in the end i didn't have time to do the drive and they would have been more expensive ,i think. also another reason, i wanted furniture now and those other places i would have had to wait till sept., when they really mark it down. my impatience won out!! i hope i don't regret it!!??

so, thanks again, & i will post back with my review in the fall, after we have had it awhile.

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Regarding outdoor furniture if you don't have space to bring it indoors for the winter keep it well covered perhaps keeping under a raised deck for the winter if this is an option

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