Homelink/Chamberlain opens wrong door sometimes

heimertMay 12, 2008

I have set up my car's homelink visor buttons with my Chamberlain garage door opener. Button 1 for one door, button 2 for the other. Same in wife's car. Her's works fine. On mine, button 1 sometimes opens door 1 and sometimes opens door 2. I already tried clearing memory and starting over and the problem remains (it's occasional not constant). Any ideas?

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Does it work properly when it is programmed to open only one door? Maybe that will solve your problem.

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Don -- I gave that a try, and thought it was the problem. I thought *maybe* pressing button 1 was also pressing button 2.

But, no. I deprogrammed door 2 and button 2. But Button 1 opens Door 1 and Door 2, now seemingly all the time. It's like they've gotten on to the same codes, even though surely that's a 1 in 1mil happening.

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Follow-up, FWIW.

Called HomeLink. The trick is to reset the opener itself, not the remote or the car. Apparently once a button is programmed to activate an opener you can't deactivate it except by resetting the opener--reprogramming the Homelink button won't solve it nor will resetting/clearing the Homelink unit.

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