Difficult garage door causing quick gear wear?

willj4f0x1May 26, 2007

Hello everyone,

I am helping a spouse of a deployed troop. She asked me to look at her garage door. It looked/sounded like a similar problem I had 1+ years ago. Took cover off and sure enough, plastic gear was worn to the bone. Having paid a few hundred dollars for a repair that seemed quite simple I told her I would tackle the job. I've read several forums including this one and found out what I needed to do. I ordered the assembly kit(41A2817) on ebay for $21.95. after placing the order and more research I am concerned that the cause of this worn gear is from the doors difficulty in opening. The top gear holding the chain has no shavings or worn and everything otherwise seems to be in good working order. I feel this is the least I can do for one of our troops deployed and already dealing with a great deal of stress and hardship. However, I do not want to tackle this job if it is going to be too difficult or may have to be redone in a month or so due to stress on the gears as a result of a problem with the door. Any advise/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm having a similar problem. I replaced the same gear a few months ago and just yesterday found it worn again. Any suggestions as to why it would wear so fast? I hate to replace the gear again just to have it wear out in a few months.

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If the door is heavy to lift manually it is heavy for the door opener. That gear takes the full weight of the door and will quickly wear out if the door has problems. It is also very important to lubricate that gear heavily with the grease supplied with the gear.

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