Resources for Reasonably Priced Garage Doors?

LaurieMay 18, 2010

I just purchased a 1915 Craftsman style home, and the detached garage doors are literally falling apart. The garage is a double garage, with 2 doors. We want to keep them as 2 doors for structural reasons, as the garage is made of terracotta block and we do have some concerns that 1 large door may be too heavy a load for such an old structure.

My budget is somewhat tight, since the house itself requires several repairs. I'd prefer wood doors but it's been suggested that fiberglass or vinyl which resembles wood may be a better choice since they are lighter (again, keeping in mind the age of the structure and not wanting to jeopardize it). Maintenance is a concern as well - wood being somewhat more of an issue to take care of but if the costs were similar, I'd probably in the end opt for the wood.

Having said that, I'm also not looking to cheap out either. Does $2000 sound like a reasonable budget for this, or am I fooling myself?

Anyway, I'm clueless on this account. My last house had the door there when I purchased it, and it was fine and I never had to worry about it - so never had to research them.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I think your best bet is to Google garage doors and the city or county you live in if reasonably large. You will get the people that know your area and weather. They can answer your questions pronto.

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