foyer same floor as kitchen?

pitpatApril 8, 2013

Hi all,
I am in a quandary regarding my foyer floor. When we bought our 1916 American Four-Square 13 years ago, one of the first things we planned to do was replace the foyer tile. And here we are, still looking at that ugly tile every day. One of the sticking points has been whether it is OK to have 3 different types of flooring so close together (we think not), or whether we should have the foyer share the flooring with the kitchen or the living room. As we are looking at getting new hardwood floors, we had decided we would just extend the wood floor into the foyer and be done with it. However, we want to get a finish that is a little less orangey than what we have now, and that poses a problem with the foyer. As you can see, the stair treads are that same orangey finish as the living room (and dining room) floor. Once I realized that, I figured that if we do extend the LR floor into the foyer, it will have to match. We can't have that shade of finish on the treads, that blondish finish on the banister, etc, and a medium brown on the floor. So we have to stick to that bright finish all through the downstairs OR carry the kitchen flooring into the foyer. As we are also preparing to replace the kitchen floor, that is quite doable. My question is, would that look weird? I don't know anyone else who has the floor plan we have, with the small foyer leading into a narrow kitchen hallway, so I just don't know how it would look. I know of course it also depends on the actual floor tile design, but my larger question is just whether it would be weird to have the flooring extend that way.

I know I could have posted this in the home dec forum, but I feel rather out of place there, plus often people make completely different suggestions and don't answer your question, which I find frustrating. But if y'all tell me I should move my question, I will.

And, apologies for the long post. I figure if I include a lot of details now, maybe I can head off some of those "suggestions." :)


(hoping the pictures post properly)

Here is a link that might be useful: possible kitchen tile

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OK, here ya go.





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