Northwest Door (NWD) garage doors anyone?

yadax3May 5, 2007

Does anyone here have any experience with Northwest Door (NWD) Therma-Shield, or specifically Therma-Classic, garage doors? If so, please give me your impressions.

I've read all the literature and specifications but I'd love some expert opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: NWD Therma-Shield Garage Doors

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Well, I went to the site above and checked it out. I personally do not have any experience with these doors, however in reading what they have to offer, they don't appear to be too bad.

They use 25 gauge steel instead of 24. 24 gauge is heavier and last longer in my experiences. I prefer 24 gauge steel. Their vinyl back insulated door has an R-Value of 4. something. The vinyl back doors I install have an R-Value of 6.73. (R-Value is a doors ability to keep the heat in or out) They offer nylon rollers which is good, the hardware they offer is good. They only put one strut on a 16 foot wide door, I like to see 2. I could not find an R-Value on their double sided steel door.

Bottom line, they are not the best door on the market nor are they the worst. I would do a bit more searching to see if I could find a better door in the same price range. If not these doors will probably do just fine.

Hope this helps.

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I noted the thinner gauge steel as well, however, their double-sided steel door has 25 gauge on both sides whereas I didn't find any with 24 gauge on both sides. In fact, most are 24/27 or 25/27. Also, the steel is one continuous piece front & back so there are no seams.

I'm actually interested in their Therma-Classic Carriage House door style. It doesn't yet appear on their web-site although it's made just like the Therma-Shield (above) with an R-value of 9.1.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Partly because this forum has so few photos posted, and partly because there aren't any photos of this particular garage door make/model on the Web to the best of my knowledge, I'm posting a photo of my new garage doors even though I don't have a correct window panels yet.

My windows will be arched at the top and have six (6) lites each instead of four (4) after they correct the mistake.

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