Genie Garage Door Problem

SavingmoneyMay 21, 2013

Hello, I have a garage door with a Genie 0.5 hp motor that is having a problem closing and opening. Within the past two weeks it has closed at a slant, i.e. when the door is closed there is 1" to 2" opening on the right side. Also, when I pull the "J" part out and pulled it up to one foot, the door would slide down. When I pulled it to five feet and let go, it stopped but there was a slight slant. Also, it has been making loud noises when opening and closing. In addition, it seems to be jerky when opening and closing. I was wondering what the problem is?
Thanks for any ideas.

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The problem is with the door, not with the Genie unit. Get professional service immediately. Repairs cost will rise with delays in getting the repairs. And personal injury is highly possible too.

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I was wondering could the problem be with the springs that are on each side?
Thanks for your help.

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