Red button with flashing amber LED

selvan777May 28, 2007


To the left of my Up/Down Force adjusters is a flashing amber LED with a red square button to the left of it, what is this about?

I just recently replaced the drive gear, if that helps.



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The LED that you see flashing is showing spurious signals. It will always flash randomly. If you watch it while you press your remote you will see it flash rapidly. This is all normal.

The button just to the left of that is to erase the memory of the opener or to program your remotes. Best be left alone if you don't need to do one of those functions.

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Hi Don,

Those spurious signals, are they a security feature? Whereby each time the remote is pressed a different signal is sent to the opener, well, may be not every single time it's pressed.


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It's really just junk radio signals that the receiver sees but they don't have the proper information to satisfy the brain.

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I guess some junk is better than none, in this case.

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