Up/Down Force Adjustment

selvan777May 28, 2007


How do you properly adjust these things? How do you know when it's too little or too much?

I've searched the forum and found 5 results for "down force adjusting" and still don't get it.

Mine each have dial that goes 1 - 9 kg.



P.S. there is a flashing amber LED with a red square button to the right of them, what's that about?

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The up force adjustment is not so critical and should be adjusted so that your door opens consistently. The down force is critical because it affects the safety of the unit. It should be adjusted as low as possible.

I answered your other question in your other post.

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Hi again Don,

This is great, this is the best support site I have ever had experience with *****

After replacing the drive gear I noticed both the up/down force adjusters were set at 7 or 8 kg (the range is 1-9). Now I have them both at 1kg and it all works like a champ. Even the 2x4 laid flat on the ground triggers an automatic reverse.

Thanks a bunch

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