Garage door/remote -up and down problem

johnboycatMay 5, 2010

Okay, here is my complex problem: I have a Sears ½ hp garage unit with 2 remotes.

At this time my remotes will open my garage door as normal but will not close it, the

unit clicks and the unit light blinks for a few seconds and then turns off.

The wall unit will also open my door with a touch but will only close it if I keep my hand on it. when I touch the wall unit to close it, it goes a few inches and then returns back to the regular up position.


Thank you,


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It is sensing an obstruction or possibly excessive down force required. Check your electric eye sensors first.

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Make sure your door sensors have not been bumped and that they are pointed at one another. Each one has a small light that must be on and not flickering for them to work. If you cannot get both lights to come on you may have a bad sensor or wiring leading to them.

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Thanks for the directions. It ended up that one side were the plastic sensor was lose and hanging down preventing a clear line to the other side. Just straigthened and tightened wing nut. Perfect.

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