garage door amber light on

sharonlong53May 13, 2009

My garage door will not close unless I continuously hold the button near my door. It will not close with my opener in my car. One of the sensor lights is amber, one is green. I was told to "move" the sensor until it turns green. I tried to do that but it is NOT moveable. Nothing is in the way of the sensor. The company wants to charge me over $100 just to come out. Please help with any ideas.


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thats odd that there two diff colors, also usually the lights on your safety sensor located about one foot off the floor on the garage door won't even come on unless its lined up correctly.
stand between the two sensors and stick your leg in the way if it is lined up properly then the light will flash or go off completely. If this is the case then try getting a damp cloth and cleaning the lenses on each of the sensors they may be dirty.
If that doesn't do it you have a bad sensor or possibly just a lose connection where one of the wires to the sensor or to the actually garage door opener has come lose.
best of luck chris

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Thanks. Did all of that. I changed the force of the door closing and that worked for a day. Now, I have to hold the closer that is on the wall down continuously to get the door to close and when it closes, it looks like it's about 1/2" from the cement. It was okay for a day or so. SO frustrating. Also, sometimes the light on the wall for the opener is on, sometimes it's off. When it's off, I can't use it to close the darn door. The lights on the ceiling for the door opener blink a few times and then have a clicking sound to them. UGH!!! Where's a man when you need one??? Help.

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I think you have more than one problem and that is what is frustrating you. If when the door is closing the main light blinks 10 times and the door reverses to the open position it is a door sensor problem. Make sure they are pointed at one another and one of them is not blinking ever so slightly. The light sometimes going off on the wall control sounds like the wall control itself is bad or the wiring going to it may be shorted by a staple. Also check where those 2 wires go to make sure the screws are tight. They go to terminals 1 and 2 on the back of the motor unit. Now if the door stops short when closed you must adjust the 'down limit' which is on the side of the motor unit. Use a small screwdriver and turn the control just a tad in the direction of the arrow printed on the cover. If you go too far the door will hit the floor and "thinking" it has hit an obstacle it will reverse to the open position but the main lights will not flash. Some tweaking may be necessary here. If you run the motor a little too much with all the adjusting here the thermal protector may turn it off. Just be patient and in about 15 minutes it will reset itself. Post back if you have problems.

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