yard sale door opener

chevyjerMay 21, 2012

I got a craftsman door opener at a yard sale. there are no other sensors or push buttons .I would like to bench test it befor i use it. It is a mod.# 139.353315sr. It has four screw terminals to hook up wires to.

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You can plug it in and then momentarily short terminals 1 & 2. That will let you know if it runs. I must say though it is a very old opener and its days are behind it. It was most likely built in 1990 because the door sensors were an accessory and they became mandatory in 1991. If you want to download an owners manual you can go to the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Manual.

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Hey thanks..I try that test and it ran afew inches and stoped then it went the other way a couple of inches. So i installed it. It still moves the same. How do i make it move all the way down now.

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There are a couple possibilities. First thing to try is to increase the 'down force'. This is a control on the rear of the motor unit. Normally this is set at minimum by the manufacturer. Half way should be plenty. If this doesn't make a difference you probably have a bad RPM sensor. The RPM sensor is a small printed circuit board just in front of the motor. You can get a new one from Sears parts for $19.09 and it comes with a plastic cap that goes on the end of the motor shaft. Be sure you put it on.

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Ok, The down force didn't do it so RPM sensor is next. In the mean time i bought acouple of door sensors. i think they are off of a later model. Do they work the same. Don, thanks for the hand on this project. I am retired from 45 years in the appliance repair buisness and this is the first door opener.......Jerry

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Wow this is a great way to get all those honeydoos out of the way. I'm working on a 8 foot sliding glass door. The rollers need to be replaced. The trouble is the 25 year old door does not lift out of the frame.I even watched a couple of pros with glass suction lifters try to get it out and were rough with it. Then he said the frame would have to come off the glass when it was still on the track. Have you or anyone else ever tackeld a job like that. My 2 pros never came back.

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This is taking me back quite a bit. Those sensors will not work with your opener.

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