Termite Barrier

davestexasMay 28, 2011

I'm about to have a 8'x10' wood storage building built in my backyard. 4"x4"PT posts will be used as skids. Those will be on 1.5" concrete pads. I have a concern about termites because the building will not be using PT joists resting on the skids. I'm thinking there should be some physical barrier between the concrete pad and the PT skids?? Ideas, advice? Thanks

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What you're describing is a physical prevention method, but how about chemical one?

A Termidor trench treatment surrounding the entire structure repeated every coupe of years may be a reasonable answer, particularly where you're looking to protect not just structure but also contents. I've never done it, but as I understand you create a 6" trench surrounding the structure, spread the appropriate concentration of the chemical, refill trenches, then spray on the surface and foundation as well.

That would protect you from termites and carpenter ants in theory, and the trench treatment is said to be effective for 3-5 years, meaning if you repeated it every 2-3, and the surface treatment every year, you'd remain free of those bugs.

You can buy 20oz of Termidor concentrate online for $60-70, at one point I determined the concentration I'd need to do a 12" perimeter band around my house and it was about 7oz. Where you'd doing just a wood shed a single bottle may last you 5 years or more.

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Thank you for the info on Termidor. I checked it out and it is prolly what I'll use. It's digging the trench that's a problem for me. I suppose I can use my hammer drill and bore 'many' holes. Seems like that would work as good as a trench....

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