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rbiggMay 22, 2012

I have tons of stuff in my garage, and in the attic over it. I want to go ahead and start cleaning stuff out. Lots of items are too good to throw away.

What I think I'll do is pull them out, organize, and store.

I'll have to store outside. Put a shed in the back yard. That way, my son can get to these items at his own schedule.

Is wood or metal the best shed? I can do either. I'll have a concrete slab, and put stuff on pallets for ventilation and to keep moisture off it.

I'm thinking maybe a metal shed today will keep wind and rain out OK.

Would appreciate your thoughts on whether metal or wood would be best.

Or plastic---hadn't thought of that, until now. Which is best?

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How long do you envision it being needed?
Do you have HOA restrictions?
How large do you need it to be?

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