I'm wanting to build a tool shed/barn and need opinionsof size

obrionusaMay 18, 2013

The newer looking metal barns are more attractive than they used to be. I'm thinking of building one 12'X12' with a 5' lien two on each side. This it right side my swimming pool to hold lawn chairs, chlorine, solar blanket, mower, pool stuff and more. I was wondering if it would look funny to be more longer than wide. I thought you could go twice your width than length and still look alright. Whats your thought? I need a building permit if I go any bigger than 12X12.
The reason of the lien two on the one side is because its on the property line. Code is 5' away sides. I get along fine with the neighbors and don't see an issue with it. I was going to close it up in a few years and If for some reason someone says something the only thing I'm out is some steel from the roof.

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Today's neighbors may let you build it, but the ones that come later may make you tear it down.
No tool shed is ever large enough.

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