Hancock Moore Leather chair and ottoman

nanst8August 7, 2007

I just purchased a hancock moore leather chair and recliner. It is about 10 years old, has nailhead trim and is in good condition with one exception. The previous owner's cat used the top of the ottoman for a scratch post and also scratched the seat cushion of the chair. Is it possible to repair the scratched portion of the leather?

Any ideas are appreciated!

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Hancock and Moore will ALWAYS repair any of their pieces regardless of the age or original owner, for only the cost of the raw materials (you pay shipping each way or otherwise get the unit to Hickory, NC).

They do not charge labor on any repairs.

While this may seem insignificant at time of purchase, I can assure you it is not! I had a customer who has a Leathercraft Tufted Sofa that is 12 years old and the tufted seat was ripped. Leathercraft would not repair it, and local upholsterers didn't have the hide resources to do the job, so basically the sofa is not trashed (replacement cost $ 4,000.00). Had this been a Hancock and Moore, the repair cost would have been about $ 200.00.

This is one reason why H&M is my preferred brand to sell in my store. They always take care of the customer, even many years later.

Duane C.

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I too own an older H & M leather chair. It is extremely dirty and has a small slit in the leather. I'd like to have it cleaned and repaired by the manufacturer but have no contact phone number for the company. As I'm not in the trade is there any way to contact H & M directly by phone or email? Thanks, Joe

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Yes. Call H&M at 828-495-8235 and ask for Parts and Repairs. You will have to get the piece to them, and pay for shipping both ways to Hickory NC. It may be easier to work through your local H&M dealer if one is nearby.

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Thanks!! There is no contact info on the H & M website other than a PO Box, so this information is terrific. Appreciate it, Joe.

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I called Hancock and Moore to repair something and they said no they don't do it, that it costs as much to repair it as it does to buy a new one.

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Never believe anything a salesman or store owner tells you unless you can verify it FIRST.

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The costs of shipping to and from their factory, plus depending on where the repair is, they may have to completely remove the outsides and sometimes the insides. This is expensive thus no factories offer this service.
Well except for one and that is icustomsofa. Their sofas and chairs are built on a modular parts basis that is easily repairable and the parts can be disassemble and then shipping is done by standard UPS parcel.

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Sheperdkisses I don't think it is fair or appropriate to say to never believe what a salesman or store owner tells you any more than you would say this about anyone. And if you were to verify it first why would you then ask them the question.

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