Does Teflon Coating on Upholstery Fabric Change the Feel?

macinthevillageAugust 4, 2010

I am recovering a large sofa with a premium fabric, and the manufacturer offers teflon coating as an option. The fabric swatch, however, is not available with the teflon, so I can't get a feel for it.

Does teflon coating change the feel of the fabric -- make it less soft and stiffer, for example?

Does teflon coating perform as advertised to prevent staining? (I have 2 large and active dogs -- they aren't allowed on the sofa, but they often brush against it.)


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I assume this is Dupont Teflon and it doesnt change the feel of the fabric. The molecules and penetration is at a microfiber level. Natural fibers benefit more from this than synthetic fibers.

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I would also say that most fabric treatments are designed to make the cleaning easier, not to "prevent stains." Unless that's what you mean by preventing stains, making the stain cleanable.

The principle is that they prevent stains bonding to fibers. There may be added advantage that water-based stains bead up on certain fabrics (surface tension), allowing you to blot up the liquid.

This will help with saliva, urine, or beverages but this may not do much for dog's body oils rubbing against the edges, for example.

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Thank you both for your comments.

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