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fletchbMay 17, 2007

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had my carport converted into a garage. The contractor did not finish the front but instead said to wait till I knew the exact size, then they would put up the small front walls that form the sides for the door. Well my tax refund is in, I am now out of school for the summer so I am ready to get this finished. I am thinking 16' is what I want as the raw opening is about 18'2". My questions are : Any good door recommendations (or any to stay away from). Same for the openering? At lowes they had 3 basic types of doors: No insulation, Foam with plastic backing and Foam with metal backing. Does the insulation really make any difference? I don't care so much about hot or cold but rather humidity as I have a few vintage motorcycle that will be stored here. I have one quote so far for a 16'*7 25g basic with Wayne opener installed for 950. Is that a fair price?


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For what you described a vinyl back insulated door will do fine. Get one with an R-Value around 6-7. Most of them come with this R-Value already, but others don't. Second. Stay away from Wayne Dalton, as far away as possible. They are junk doesn't matter if it is the door and especially the opener. Just trust me on this one.

Depending on where you live is going to vary on what brand doors you can get. Doorlink, CHI, Ankmar, Clopay, Amarr, Windsor, Delden are all good doors. Stick with the 24-25 gauge steel. Preferably 24. Request that the second section get a strut, some people do put a strut on the second section, but most just put it on the top.

You cannot beat a Liftmaster opener. It is hands down the best in the world. Sears is made by Liftmaster, so a Sears opener will work fine also. Depending on how quiet you want it to be is will be the determining factor in whether you want a chain or belt drive. Belt drives are the quitest. Stay away from Genie and any other brand screw drive opener.

That price is fair, but like I said NO WAYNE DALTON.

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Well at long last I finally got my door installed yesterday. Glass half empty/full as to what I ended up with. Before I came to this board I was originally going to go with Overhead as I had bought one for my parents about 5 years ago and it has worked well for the most part. But that dealer is gone and the "official" dealer was just too hard to deal with - Would not give me a quote over the phone- not even ball park. You have to have an appointment and that took 3 days just for them to call back to set up. Never showed so went looking and found another smaller dealer that was much easier to deal with- He always answered his phone and returned calls. Only catch is I did end up with dalton door (insulated) as that is what he sells but Liftmaster opener with a couple of car remotes and keypad entry outside the door. So what kind of problems do I need to look out for on the door? Rusting? To my untrained eye, it looks almost the same as my parents overhead. The liftmaster does seem a bit louder than overhead, but I could care less as long as it's reliable. At the same time it also appears to open/close a bit faster than the overhead even though my door is 2 times as wide as my parent's overhead.


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