Craftsman GDO signal droped

harborwindMay 21, 2008

Hi everyone!

Since couple of weeks my Craftsman garage door opener/remote signal radius went bed I mean when I pull up on driveway have to be close to the door even have to put out on my car window and push it couple times in order to open it.I know a little bit about electronics so I checked batt.sensors,reprogramed it,extend antenna wire and put outside door,it is very annoying it worked just fine before and now radius is between 25 and 10 feet some times have to hold button down for couple seconds;as I sed everything else is just fine on the system please help me if you have any thoughs. Thank you

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If you have added anything electronic or electric to your garage unplug them and try. Otherwise your receiver has lost some sensitivity and a new logic board is needed.

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Hi Don 1 2006
Thanks for your answer I allready unpluged everything what was installed lately since issue showed up,but it's the same.I have few more things left but had those at the beginning.I do have contact problem with my keyless entry,but battery is removed,shut down.Tell me please if have to change board how difficult it is? I'm afraid of all of those adjustments.Thanks

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If you replace the board the only adjustment you will have to make is with the up and down force. You will also have to program your remotes. The instructions should be with the board.

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