Insurance ??? on Flooring Replacement

jgibsonNovember 6, 2008

Hopefully someone can share insight on this one. We are in the Galveston area and experienced wind-driven water in the house as a result of Ike. Insurance adjuster has been out check out damage and we're waiting on the estimate for replacement. But here's the question.

The main floor of the house is an open floor plan, about 1400 sqft. About 1200 sqft. is engineered flooring. We received water in approx 700 sqft. The flooring is continuous throughout, with the exception of 3 closets with doors. The rest is open.

So, is it standard for insurance to only replace the rooms that were damaged and then have seams to the rooms that were not? What about color and material matching? I'm concerned that we won't be able to find a match and it will look weird. Please advise!!!

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When we lived in Michigan we had a really bad winter that resulted in ice dams on parts of our roof. The results were leaking into the house in a couple of areas . Like you, we had an open floor plan, so we needed ALOT of painting done.

After the adjuster came out, we were given a ridiculously low estimate. They wanted to do *touch up paint* and not even do the ceiling. We fought back and finally they gave in and repainted the WHOLE interior that included LR and Kitchen area.

I think it is standard for insurance co.'s to do as little as they can get away with . I'd question them...and let them know you want your floors to they did before the storm.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You might also ask about this at The Floor Forum here. They may be able to give you some input on just what to tell the adjuster about finding a match or not.

Good Luck.


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