High lift garage doors

sconti_95April 18, 2007

We have 13 foot ceilings in our three car garage with 8 foot openings. We are thinking of having the door tracks and motor raised almost to the ceiling. They are presently at the 8 foot level. Vertical track would have to be added along with additional 2" x 8" wood pieces for anchoring the brackets, etc. I have 1/2 HP chain driven motors. Would that place additional strain on the motor having to raise an 8' by 16' metal garage door higher before moving into its horizontal open position? I hate the appearance of the long erector set brackets suspended from the ceiling (13') down to the 8' level. Has anyone done this and what are your thoughts?

Thanks !!!

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First it is going to be costly. The springs, cables and drums are all going to have to be changed. The opener is not going to work any more unless you buy a Jack shaft opener. WHY? well when your door is closed the top of it is going to be 8 foot of the ground and the opener is going to be 5 feet above the door now. Even if you made an opener arm 5 ft long the opener will be pulling straight back on the top section while the door is still in the verticals. Not going to work.

What are your reasonings for wanting to do this? Is it just so you don't see the back drops??

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doorguy06: Thank you very much for your response. I was not entirely comfortable doing this and your answer convinced me it is not a wise decision. The reason for wanting to do this was as you said; " so you don't see the back drops". I was not going to put in a lift, it was strictly cosmetic. I had a quote of $1400. to do both doors, but I believe he told me that he was only going to change the spring. You have cleared things up for me and it is greatly appreciated. By the way, what is a Jack shaft opener? Thanks again !!!

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A jack shaft opener connects to the torsion shaft and spins the shaft to open and close the door. Liftmaster has a residential jack shaft out right now. I know little about it because I have not installed or worked on any yet.

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doorguy06: I have two of the Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional 1/2 HP brand garage door openers and they perform well. I have what I consider a very neat and organized garage with the high ceilings, built in cabinet system and finished floor. All my equipment for heating/air conditioning etc, is in a separate mechanical room in the house. It was the backdrops that you mentioned that were bothering me, because it took away from the otherwise very clean appearance. Will look into the Liftmaster residential jack shaft and see what they have to offer. Thanks again. Your input has been most valuable.

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No problem.

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This may be kind of simple, but why not add a couple of sections to the door or just get a taller door and leave the extra panels above the door opening. You would have to expand the track upwards for the extra panels but the door would only open for the eight foot opening.

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That would be even more expensive. Now you are adding in the cost of extra sections (which are probably going to cost more than jack shaft openers), plus now you have to have even bigger springs to lift the weight, which may cost more, plus the cost just to retro fit the highlift, plus what this guy is wanting is a clean neat appaearance and I don't think having 3 extra sections sticking up in the air is going to look any better than having 5 foot drops.

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hendricus: Thank you for your interest in my concern and your post. However, I think "doorguy06" is on target for the outcome that I am seeking. I am wanting to reduce bulk and extra metal in the garage for appearance. If I end up doing anything, it will be the residential Liftmaster jack shaft. Thanks again !!

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I want to do something similar to what the original poster mentioned, but I'm adding a car lift in the garage with 113" ceiling. I'm confused why so many things have to change. Couldn't you just raise the existing springs and torsion shaft and get different drums and longer cable?

I'd cut a length of channel off the end and use that to raise the vertical height. I must be missing something.

I agree you'd need a jackshaft opener.

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dang the springs can only be wound so tight. I think this is where your problem would be.

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