Sears Garage door wont close

retiredin2001April 2, 2008

Hi ya folks glad to find you all. My Sears gdo all of a sudden wont close. When I try to close it just hums and pauses and hums and stops.. The electric eyes are both lit green. And the led light(on the motor unit) blinks 5X.If I unplug the unit it will work to close it. And I can reopen it fine,but when I try to close it again. It will start to hum again and the door wont shut. Thanking everyone ahead of time.

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See if the trolley (the thing the door is connected to) is jamming against a bolt just in front of the motor unit. If it is, get it to close like you do and then adjust the 'up limit.' You will find that adjustment on the side of the motor unit and you need to turn it 3 or 4 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. That will stop it from opening quite so far and should help. Let us know.

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Thanks for the quick reply.Called Sears this morning they explained why the led blinks 5X. Its due to the RPM sensor failure.Is that something a homeowner can due.Again thanks for the reply.

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You can replace it alright but that isn't the only reason that light blinks 5 times. They gave you the short answer.

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