Allure TrafficMaster Warning

oopsagainApril 14, 2008

In our opinion, Home Depot should be ashamed of selling this product. We installed oak Allure in 3 rooms plus the main hallway of our home. Much to our horror, when natural light strikes the floor, a very obvious defect pattern is revealed because every plank has an indented area a few inches wide in the middle. When overhead lighting is turned on (which it was during installation) you cannot see the pattern. Took pictures down to Home Depot as well as some left over planks (once you are aware of the situation you can feel the irregularity) and was told by an associate that it is not a product he recommends. It looks terrible and we are going to have to replace our brand new flooring. A huge waste of money, time and effort. We are totally mystified by all the positive reviews of this product.

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A lot of people have had this product for some and and love it. I'm going to be putting it in my basement.

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I installed some on my property. It will not happen again. No more for me.

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I put some down in August of 2007--granted, it's in a small laundry room, which gets very little in the way of foot traffic--but it has been fine. Went down as advertised, and no real problems. The washer and dryer have both been "scootched" about so they could be mild scuff that disappeared when I mopped.

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The "defect" pattern is not always visible in this flooring - it shows only when natural lighting strikes the planks lengthwise. Again, turning on any overhead lighting makes it totally disappear. There are some areas in our home where we cannot see the defects ever (you can however FEEL the irregularities in each plank once you know they are there - the people at Home Depot even acknowledge they are in fact present). However, in a large area this "defect pattern" in GLARING - not a subtle issue. It's pretty much all you notice when you look at the room in natural daylight. My guess would be that in a basement (if the basement has the traditional high small windows) the problem would never been seen - same for a small laundry room.

When I showed the photograph to the manager at the Home Depot where we purchased the product and asked "would you want this in your home?" he replied "no, of course not".

On the other hand, so far it does not seem to scratch easily, is not highly slippery for our dogs (the reason we did not go with laminate) and we are not having any issue with seams lifting as a lot of people had. HOWEVER it has to go because when people look at it in daylight they instantly want to know what the h*** is wrong with that floor? Seriously, this is not a minor pattern - it is several inches wide in the exact same place on every plank.

I suppose I need to see if I can post a picture.

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Hmmm. I wonder if the problem is present in the Konecto product? Has Home Depot offered you any sort of compensation? Isn't the stuff warrantied?

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Is this the defect you were talking about? I'll watch for it. I didn't see it on planks in the sample box I purchased for evaluation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allure Defect

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Do not know about the Konetco but that question has occurred to us also and we have it in mind to check into it just out of curiosity - a local flooring store has some on display and when we get around to it we plan to run over and see if we can feel the irregularities in it. We have read elsewhere that in certain light (lengthwise along the planks) the end tab indentations show on the Konetco - this is also true of the Allure but it is really quite subtle. If you are contemplating installing Konetco and are sensitive about such things, my advice would be check it out in all lighting conditions applicable to the installation.

Yes, the Allure does have a limited 25 year warranty.

As for Home Depot offering compensation - they have referred the situation to Halstead and we are waiting to hear about someone coming to check the situation out.


Yes, that is in fact my floor - I am married to "flooridiot" and was unaware of it - thanks for the laugh. Did not know he had the picture posted online.

Thanks also for mentioning you do not see this in your sample box. Could be that we just got a bad batch.

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We just received a call from Home Depot. The vendor has authorized a full refund of our purchase price on the Allure without even coming out for an inspection. The person at Home Depot who handled the situation for us (who I must say has been nothing but supportive, pleasant and efficient) said if they continue to have problems they will be dropping the product. Ours was the first time they have encountered this issue.

The Home Depot representative even attempted to get us compensation for our labor but the vendor declined.

I did ask if the vendor had mentioned if this was a manufacturing defect or what - they did not.

In the final analysis, have no bad feelings towards Home Depot over this.

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I'm not planning on buying any until the end of the year, but if I do, I'll be sure to get a good look at it first. Since I hardly ever use my basement anyway, it's not going to get much wear down there.

(flooridiot - very cute :) )

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Thanks for the reply. My Allure is installed in our (windowless) laundry closet. I've got some leftover planks...I may pull one out later and take it upstairs to see if WE have the defect. If I decide to purchase Konecto for the rest of the basement I'll be certain to inspect it carefully before I take it home.

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just received estimate from HD in Rocky Mount NC for Country Pine Allure in kitchen area. Presently have sheet vinyl which is glued at edges only. HD says it must come up. I thought Allure could be installed over most any floor. Is there something I don't know? Also, they indicated floor had "dip", which I can't see/tell and they want to put a "leveler" down AFTER old vinyl is removed. Anyone see any flags with this? Thanks for any input.

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We installed the cork pattern 3 months ago over glued down vinyl tiles.had carpet down for about 30 years in kitchen and a hall. just replaced some cracked tiles and cleaned floors really well. Hall has 5 doors in 12 ft length and kitchen has 5 doorways as well. Laid it crossways in hall as easier to cut to fit into doorways ,used laser level to keep it straight. Hubby cut and I laid it.Found some little tricks to make it easier.So far we love it,looks great and easy to keep clean.Oh we are old guys,75 and 78 years old.

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I have just installed Allure in a windowless bathroom and it looks great. It looks so good I am going to put it in my kitchen too. What I used is called Hickory. I am not going to use the wood look in the kitchen but rather Livorno Onyx. Has anyone used this? When I first put the floor down I could feel a little movement but after a few days it settled nicely and everyone who sees it thinks that it is real wood. I have some left and I just took it to the sunlight and looked at everywhich way and I can find no flaws.

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I'm hoping someone will see this post that has put down Allure. I would like to put this is my basement apartment but have been reading some disturbing things on the Internet regarding the smell not going away and about it coming up from the seams. Can anyone comment on it for me?

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I just saw this product at Home Depot and seriously was considering it for my basement. I noticed that many of the complaints are from '08 and not so many recent complaints. Did TrafficMaster make changes to the initial product to make it more uniform and to lay on the floor better?

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Hey hedygs,
I was thinking the same thing but did find some recent bad comments too. I'd love to hear if thepkl from above had any problems. I also saw the post on the Novalis from Lowes and it seemed to have many more positive comments. I am going to check it out tonight. Its also half the price. Not sure about the waterproofness of it compared to the Allure but the posts on Allure I read really scared me. I hope someone else chimes in.

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I can only address my experience, but we put it down to replace ruined pergo in our kitchen when the icemaker leaked last year. We love it. Soft to work on,better on noise level than ceramic tile; people are surprised at the natural wood look, and with two dogs, we are seriously thinking of putting it down on the whole first level where we don't have slate to replace old carpet. I know this is a bad idea for resale, as people hear 'vinyl' and they immediately get turned off, but since that's at least five years away, I'm going to put down 100% water (dog) proof with large area rugs and enjoy the ease in maintenance. (RE to the dogs, I haven't seen scratches, but again, I've seen that complaint too, so everybody is different.) Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much bunkster, any problem with odor? I read a post where they said it smelled so bad they thought they were getting sick from it. Their smell was not going away. This wasn't on GardenWeb though but it was an August 2009 complaint.

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nursetammi: no smell issues either, but remember I live with two dogs! :) actually, the only thing i was warned about was using anything harsh to clean it, so i ended up getting one of those floor steam sharks (knowing I'd be putting more of this stuff down at some point) and works great. i did leave the product in its boxes in my house to 'acclimate' for two weeks before we got around to laying it, so we had no issues with the floating aspect. i wish you luck. it seems to be something that gets either love it or hate it responses. It's worked for us.

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If I can figure out what color to go with I am seriously considering vinyl for my basement remodel.

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I put it down three years a small laundry closet. We had the planks on-site for a month before we installed. I am very sensitive to smells and don't remember the smell being a serious problem.

Here's a pic after install:

I don't have any recent pics...but it looks just the same. Even after several serious wettings.

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In case anyone is still looking at this, there is a few mentions of Allure on the kitchen forum :)

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I installed this product in my son's room because he is a bit of a mess maker (he's 8). I didn't want laminate because of the warping issue should liquids be spilled and not wiped up in time (the seams bubble/expand irreversibly). Anyhow, we chose the blond maple. There was a smell for maybe a week, but now it's gone. I love the product. I think it looks great. I have not noticed any irregular indentation on the pieces. I am guessing it was a problem with the batch, probably with that particular mold/press that forms the planks. These sort of things are suppose to be "caught" by quality control. Problems like this can happen with any mold injected product.

My suggestion is when purchasing products like this, use a credit card that has reversible charges if something is defective or installed wrong. We had an issue with a wood floor where the installer, who was also the vendor, cut into a plank in error (1/2 inch), and instead of throwing that plank out, they filled the cut. (Which was stupid because we had a ton of board left). Also, the ends of the planks were showing hairline cracks shortly after it was installed. I reversed the charges claiming that the installation was not done professionally, and the warranty would be useless. Initially when I contacted the seller, he didn't care. He wanted to leave it between me and the warranty. After I reversed the charges and filed a complaint with the credit card company, he settled at a 1/4th of the price.

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We just installed another room-full of the stuff...and I am happy. At 1.00/sq foot I don't expect it to be a "forever floor"--I expect it to be a "good enough" floor.

Here is a pic of the finished floor--before the furniture went back in (and the switch-plates and such went back on):

It's the "golden maple" color.

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be very careful with this product if you are installing it below grade. We installed it in the walkout basement in our new home one year ago. Within two months the adhesive was failing on about 30 % of the floor. Halstead sent an "independent" inspector who claimed installation error, which was bogus. We did everything that was recommended. This product is highly sensitive to temperature. We have many windows in the walkout and live in a cold climate. The room is about 60 degrees at night during winter. I have seen other comments about temperature. There was no warning with the product, in fact there were no instructions in the cartons at all. We accessed instructions online and followed them. Halstead is stonewalling our appeal now and also not responding to home depot calls. I need to remove the entire floor and start over. I am also going to file a small claims action against them. Never again!

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Has anyone installed this product over WOOD sub-floors? We are REmodeling an old farmhouse. The floors we removed were 70's sheet vinyl flooring. The floors we will be covering are almost century old tongue and groove and particle board. I want to use ALLURE because of the price, the appearance, and all the GOOD REVIEWS that I've received from others--but, they have all installed over concrete flooring.

We are like most OVER BUDGET renovators and can't afford to make a costly and laborous mistake!

Any comments, PLEASE email...THANKS

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I have installed this product in the upstairs of my rental property, throughout the whole upper floor. Used 2 different colors, one was the chocolate tile, one was the cherry wood. It looks gorgeous. It was installed a year ago, and still looks gorgeous. There was no issues with any defects. My tenants have 3 kids under 12, and have moved furniture around several times, and there have been no scuff marks, etc. GREAT PRODUCT!

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I used this in my bathroom i had no issues with it. It looks good

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We installed 800 square feet of Allure Traffic Master Vinyl Flooring (Maple Flooring Color) in our Basement in Toronto Canada purchased from Home Depot.

We purchased the new Vinyl "CLICK" flooring vs. the old "Glue Strip" version which is referred in the links above. We have not seen any negative posts on the new CLICK version yet. The glue Strip product appears to be on its way out as its discounted in price right now, whereas the click version is $3.00 a square foot at Home Depot in Canada.

We have installed this product on top of the existing vinyl flooring which is spread over our basement concrete floor.

So far it looks great and it appears this newer product does not have the flaws the old glue strip version encountered.

The click version (similar to Laminate flooring) is more difficult in a basement setting as some gaps in the seams are difficult to close because of the slope in a typical basement. Use a rubber mallet to gently force them together. For a basement application do the following:

Prepared the floor beforehand with a floor leveling cement compound (sold at Home Depot) this will ensure the boards "click" together tightly with no gaps.

While the instructions visually show the use of Wooden Shims, they don't refer to it in writing. Its CRITICAL you ensure you INSTALL WOODEN SHIMS along the walls where the joints of the new flooring planks line up as your walls are not straight and if not installed, you will have difficulty filling the gaps when locking the floor planks together. We learned this after 1-2 hours.

Overall the product looks great, but its a lot of work when floors and walls are not straight.

Hope this helps!

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We purchased the Allure flooring for 3/4 of our home.Our main floor was a heated concrete slab . We asked before purchasing if it could be used on the heated floor and we were assured yes we could. Well we installed it last spring and by November all the glue was letting loose at the seams. We contacted Home Depot who forwarded us to Halsted. They refunded our money 100% on the effected floor. Our upstairs has the allure flooring and it is doing fine. Do not use on heated floors....It does look wonderful upstairs and did on the main before the heat affected it.

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We installed a tile version in our entire main floor.
Two Warnings, 1. don't install the tile versions it is made in China and the lengths of the 3 foot tiles from box to box are slightly different lengths. Making it impossible for the seams (fake grout) to come out even.
2. don't accept any boxes that have been handled with a forklift without the base pallet. We had a few boxes that were mishandled. Of coarse they ended up in the opening in the main entrance and are very noticeable.

I would never purchase the tile version of this product again. I would purchase the simulated wood where you don't have to worry about lining up grout lines.

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So I am wondering. I want to install this in a basement. It's got no windows and the part where the floor would go is not sloped (it was built to be a rec room). I am concerned about the cold factor. There is heat down there, but it's generally pretty cool. I'd be installing the Allure over a concrete slap. Is the Lowes Novalis product better? I also saw a wood/vinyl product this week at Menards. Very confused and looking for something nice looking that a single female can install herself. Thanks!

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I've been researching the Allure Trafficmaster plank flooring, both the glue planks and the click together....I was considering it for our basement. While the basement it normally very dry during the winter and does tend to be humid in the summer (we run the humidifier w/ timer) we did get a 2 floods in the last 10 years in our entire area (which normally does not flood, (south shore, LI NY, North East coast) neighbors that have been here for 50+ years said nothing like this has ever happened in 20 + years)...that being said we had to rip out the wall to wall twice now. There are no mold issues and there is no water problems, other than the 2 Noreasters we've had in the last 10 years. Currently we use the basement at a playroom for the kids and I have a large carpet remnant down there to temporarily make it comfortable for the kids. I was considering installing the Allure planks but I fear it might be too humid and mold might grow. Does anyone have an opinion about this happening or any experience with this. There are youtube video's of lots of poeple installing the product in their homes...including basements. I was also thinking about installing it just around the perimeter of the room and leaving a large area rug over the bare concrete so that if we ever to get another flood, I can quickly roll up the carpet and remove the planks. Wondering if the planks would still lay flat if it's not wall to wall. Any help or opinions would be helpful. thanks

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I put down plank flooring in my sunroom. It seems to scratch (more of a scrape, but doesn't damage surface) from the patio chairs. In addition, it looks quite dull. I prefer the color when just cleaned.

Any way of brightening up the surface or eliminating the scrapes?

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For those with seam problems, I question if you used a floor roller as directed? And did you use a hair dryer on the seams. The adhesive is heat activated.

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I'm considering the (natural oak) Allure "click" together planks for a new home in South Texas. It would be installed on the concrete slab. My plan is to use it throughout the house except for bathrooms and utility room.

It seems that most complaints were in '08.
Has anyone used this newer product in this color?

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I put antique elm down in my huge family room and love it -- everyone that comes in ask me what kind of hard woods do I have-- I also put it in a bedroom-- two bedrooms are hardwood and the third is allure-- I love the care!! I do treat it as a hard wood with pads under my furniture-- ! THe price is GREAT they wanted ten thousand to do my family room and I put allure down for one thousand!! BIG difference!! I did have a problem with a bad batch in Florida but they gave me all my money back!! The glue was not good!! All the rest I have done in INDIANA!

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I just installed the Allure 12" tile planks (3' X 1' length planks) in a kitchen and entry hallway. The job went fairly quickly with tin snips for cutting, as long as the product was warm and flexible. There is a technique for setting the joints and once you learn it, the job looks professional and nearly seamless. Be sure to read the directions before you begin to avoid a bad start. The finished installation looks fabulous and goes right over the existing ugly vinyl flooring. On day two of my installation, I noticed an odor from the flooring when I entered the unoccupied home. Like new paint or new carpet, a new smell is to be expected when you install this flooring. I'm sure that it will fade away after a few weeks and after the home is occupied for a while. It is essential that the floor being covered is level or you will feel the high spots, even if you can't see them. Take the time to resolve any high or low spots first. If you take your time and pay attention to detail, you will get a very satisfactory floor that you can be proud of. I would recommend this product to anyone with basic level skills. It's easy to install yourself without a lot of expensive tools. Forget the linoleum knife and go with tin snips. Use the knife for fine trimming. It makes a big difference in the quality of your cuts. You will need some grip strength to operate the snips. This satisfactory report is for the tile planks, not the simulated wood ones.

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Just opened the boxes. I got the first row installed when I noticed a strange pattern on the planks. I opened many boxes and they all seem to have the pattern. I think I got a defective batch or something. Can you look at picture I linked? Anybody seen something like this? Is it normal? The pattern is at the bottom in the middle.

I'm not sure if I should just stop installing and go to Home Depot tomorrow to deal with this. I am so disappointed right now. :(

Here is a link that might be useful: bad planks

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it appears to be a defect

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Thanks for your help. I ended up returning the Oak to Home Depot. They have a good return policy. I feel strongly its a defect. What was funny was the store display of the Oak planks has the same pattern. I switched over to Maple. It has defects but only about 33% of planks are defective. I'm just going to return those. I finished the install and it looks great!

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I installed 800 square feet of Allure (Sedona color) in my business about a month ago, and every single seam has lifted. Went to Home Depot, who pretty much said "We can't do anything about it", and told me to take it up with Hallstead.

I think the positive reviews are from people who recently installed it. Mine looked great too, until about a week ago.

Now I have to wait until they send an "inspector" out to make sure I didn't "mess it up" (as Home Depot seems to think).

Gotta love Home Depot, for refusing to help out an angry customer. HD definitely needs to learn a thing about customer service. Even if the manufacturer gives me a refund, I'm DONE with Home Depot, since I've had nothing but problems with every purchase I have made there.

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I purchased this product in 2008 laid down all over my house. in 2010 it was lifting all over and they came out said it was defective and had Home Depot refund my money. I still liked the idea and installed the planks again. It lasted about 1 week. Its lifting all over and looks terrible. I would never purchase again. I have called and left messages at allure never to get a call back.
I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT USE. IT IS A RIP OFF. I will be contacting the BBB and am thinking about small claims court.

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We had Allure professionally installed in our kitchen, it is beautiful, durable and we love it.

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I installed this floor a little over a year ago following all instructions. I used to install carpet and sheet vinyl professionally so I know a little bit about flooring. The product is advertised as needing no underlayment or moisture barrier like laminate does. It is also said it can be installed over most hard floor surfaces with little to no prep.
I installed over wood parque and within a few months the floor was bucking and rising up as much as three inches. I pulled the floor and the wood up and discovered moisture. I searched for leaks and foundation issues and found nothing. The moisture dried up within minutes of pulling up the floor and did not come back after two days of leaving the concrete exposed. I put down underlayment in place of the parque to even the floor with the the ceramic in the kitchen and put the Allure back down over it.

After a couple more months, the underlayment began to buckle. This time I pulled it up and found mold. The only conclusion I can reach is the vinyl is creating and trapping condensation. I also discovered several planks that have something trapped in the vinyl. I pulled it up thinking I had left a particle of something on the floor but it's actuaully a defect in the vinyl. In my opinion, this was a huge waste of time and money.

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Just finishing the installation in our 1800 sq ft it so far. Have had it in the laundry room and dining room for 3 months. Had a puddle of water on it overnight unknown to me and it wiped up spotless in the morning. No odor problem with ours; husband and son began the installation; then a 20 yr old young man friend of family took over after learning the tips from us. It's beautiful; we went with the rough sewn hickory and it cleans up beautifully with a DRY janitor's mop. Just like dusting furniture! Will be sparing with water clean up even though it's '100%' water proof. Just got rid of a LONG scratch by using a baby wipe and scrubbing the scratch. It just disappeared. Only time will tell, as in all products, but so far, so good- we're lovin' it!

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This stuff is junk! Istalled about 5 months ago over old laminate in kitchen and two baths. The seams are all coming apart. Trying to correct it with another glue only pulls other seams apart. It is humid in Hawai'i and I am wondering how Home Depot can sell a product that is unable to hold up to the moisture? Trying to deal with HD on this and the Allure help line.

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I just installed Allure in my kitchen about six weeks ago. I followed all guidelines as set forth by the manufacturer. Since then I have had four corners in the middle area of the floor that have come loose. My wife noticed them as she was cleaning the floor with a flat cleaning mop. I had to use a glue and a weight to secure the corners back down. Luckily I was able to fix them before they became damaged. Has anyone else had this problem?

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My DH installed a slate-look Traffic Master Allure in our kitchen and bath 2 years ago and it's held up great to abuse. I have two small scratches from dropping a knife and dragging a heavy table, but other than that it looks new.

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We have put the Allure down in several rooms, and have not had any problems until recently, and it was all my fault.

I had spilled some polyurethane on the kitchen floor and did not realize it until we came back the following weekend. I tried goof off but no success. Then I did something really dumb, I tried some acetone. I first I though it worked, because the polyurethane gummed up and then came off, but in about 30 seconds I saw the coating on the floor bubbling up.

So now I will be learning how to replace some planks :(

We are doing a bathroom next and I am going to try the new version of the Allure Ultra. It looks extremely durable (and I will keep the poly and acetone away from it).

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For those wanting to install this in a basement: DON'T! While my parents have had no problems putting it upstairs in a warm room, we have had a completely different experience installing it in our basement. In an approx. 300 sq. ft. area, the seams have separated in at least 14 locations. Have had to "putty-knife" Liquid Nails at these spots, and weight them down heavily at least 24 hrs. for them to now stay in place; and I got the tip from a friend who's had the exact same experience. So, I will NEVER use this product again; and, for that matter, never use any Trafficmaster product again...

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We installed the allure flooring in our mobile home. All my floors are warping, we lifted a piece up and it is wet
with mold! Do not mess with this stuff!

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Finally! Someone else has experienced the moisture problems that I have been battling since 2009 when I installed Allure Trafficmaster in my mother's 1978 mobile home over the old particle board or chip-board type of flooring. We had pulled up all of the carpeting throughout her home and there were no signs of any type of prior water damage whatsoever.
About a year later, a section in the living room started to cave in, so thinking there was some sort of leak, we pulled the floor up--no leak, no dampness under the mobile home whatsoever. However, there was a great deal of condensation around the floor AC vent in that area and when we pulled up the planks the backs were covered with mildew. We replaced all of the insulation around the vent and put down 3/4" plywood as a sub-floor before re-installing the vinyl flooring using new planks. Unfortunately, there are now several "pockets" of weak flooring throughout the house and none are near a vent. Apparently, the moisture is seeking low points in the subfloor and those are the areas were the floor is dangerously weak. The house smells heavily of mildew--enough that it is noticable on clothing. I am beginning the process of pulling up the entire floor and subfloor with the intent of replacing all of the particle board throughout the house with plywood (since that area seems to be holding up well), and installing laminate instead. I've been so discouraged, particularly when I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem.

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I am in the trades so am very handy and know a bit about floors. I did research different types of floors before choosing the Allure TrafficMaster. The negative reviews I've read were/are disturbing; but we went with it because of price, ease of install and location of install (kitchen, dining and living over plywood subfloor above basement). Many reviews I've seen don't look positive for basements and damp areas - grant you all that! So far after a couple months, we are happy as floor is very resilient - scratch resistant - I took a utility knife scraped sideways on a trial piece and was hard pressed to get a scratch unless I used much pressure, and while it does scuff mildly, they come out quickly with a scotchbrite / mop with water. Several seams did come up; but with some superglue and a heat gun problem solved. If there is a suggestion I would give Allure, it would be to better protect the glue strips while in package and until ready to use and make them able to peel as needed. The wax paper over each piece just doesn't cut it as glue strips are sensitive to dust. Once down, they are very hard to pull apart unless compromised in some way (dust, walked on, etc.) The real test will be to go through a full year and a different range of temperature and humidity - we are in midwest, but for now no complaints. Also at less than half the price of most, not all, wood laminate (we paid $1.59/sq ft) it is a good product for the money paid.

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I'm batting 500, installed allure in laundry room, it worked great. Then installed Corsica Dark in master dressing area and it won't stick. Really bad product. Contacted Home Depot, they refunded 1/2 of product cost. Contacted Allure/Halstead and they have ignored me. BAD PRODUCT. Please don't waste your money or time. 50% failure rate is not good customer service.

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Could it be that the problem that some speak of with this flooring is just with the cork style?? I ask because we have had it installed in our kitchen for 5 years and it looks just as wonderful as the day we installed it! There is not a single scrape, dent, chip or smudge. It hasn't even faded at all - last year we ran it out of the kitchen area into the mudroom and no difference. It cleans up beautifully - my friends and family have commented numerous times how pretty our "wood" floor is.

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To add some insight on this product from over 5,000sq.ft of installation experience.

I am not a pro just installed this for a few family and myself. What i have found is people who complain about seaming issues will rarely blame themselves.

-Most seaming issues with this floor is a result of poor installation on the first row. Your floor looks good why not move on, did you take a measure to the entire first row ect.? External variable can come into play do not get me wrong, but most indications fall on the installer issue.

-Those who have had issues with certain patterns/defects in natural lighting need to be aware that in the floor specs/warranty it does spell it out clearly that warranty is void if placed in direct contact with sunlight. Very loosely worded and poor warranty but it is there nevertheless.

Easy product to install, will float over most pre-existing floors, cutting is better off done with steel clippers or saw to avoid stripping the veneer and/or vinyl.

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We are going to put this in back bedroom (popular w/our dogs) and home office - found an article that really explains the whole issue with moisture and basement - link below. I wanted pergo, but husband saw this type of flooring installed on a jobsite- an office building and it's less expensive - before using it- take a look at the link posted below.
Also- Consumer reports rates the hampton bay version (a little more expensive but the only one of home depot's they tested) as a 75 - excellent in the areas we need- basement issues make sense when you consider adhesive and all. I'd actually use a more expensive type flooring in living room and kitchen ....

Here is a link that might be useful: proper installation of vinyl plank flooring

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We installed this flooring in our cabin . . . great for wet areas and really looks nice!
Ron & Lisa

Here is a link that might be useful: we love allure flooring!

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A massive fail on a basement concrete floor installation. 33% of the installed surface is affected by failing glue. This was a special order (Piedmont TrafficMASTER).

Plank sides are curving upwards and will trip you if you're not attentive. Still waiting on a response from Home Depot.

Hoping for the best... but looking at this blog, I have little hope for a positive resolution.

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We installed this flooring in our cottage which is unheated in the winter. After the first winter we had some gaps appear between the ends of some of the planks. After the second winter we had a few gaps along the sides of planks. I now find on a website that this product should not be used in unheated cottages. I don't see anything about this on the box.
Has anyone had success getting a refund from Home Depot on this basis?

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Sammy007 - Can you tell me if your cottage is totally unheated or just low heat. I was planning on the same thing but I keep the winter heat around 48-50. Thanks

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It took a year but the problem has risen and now I will have to do the whole bedroom all over again, not a job I want to do every year. This product went down great with a few minor exceptions but our room is an angle nightmare, anyway I loved the feel of the floor on my feet and it looked great. BUT NOW the seams are cracking, where we walk of course. So the one inch overlapping seam is cracked on the top piece anyway I don't know because I have not removed the floor to see if the bottom piece is also cracked but we started stubbing our toes a few months ago and now they are just out right ripped from impact with our feet. I am looking for HOME DEPOT for assistance since the ALLURE customer service is an answering machine.

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Peel & stick is never a good floor covering. If you go solid vinyl, do a click together. Also, when you purchase from Home Depot don't expect them to step in for you & your warranty. If they do assist you with a successful claim, consider yourself lucky. When you use a privately owned floor covering store, your chances of warranty success is much better. One reason probably being they wouldn't sell you on a cheap peel & stick they know won't work any longer than a year. Home Depot & Lowes are just private labeled products from the same companies as independent stores. The real lesson here is that you get what you pay for. If you have to spend a little extra money to get a click together product, do it. Replacing your flooring every year is much more expensive. Also ask questions, don't be afraid to call around to reputable industry professionals with hands on experience.

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As a former 15 year Home Depot employee I would rate this product as poor. I took out 1000 square feet of carpet and replaced with vinyl allue glue strip oak to accommodate my son's therapist request... he is trying to relearn to walk after a bout with Transverse Myelitis left him paralyzed. After 2 years this product has curled and no longer is safe for him to use a walker. Buyers at Home Depot try to be trendy with new products but many times fall short. They should remove this product from their lineup altogether. Don't be fooled on this one. Buyer beware!

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