Carpetgirl, suggestions on style PLEASE!

sauneApril 12, 2011

Carpet dilemma: We need more than 300 yards of carpet for our new home, but we are confused on exactly what to purchase. Sales reps tend to not be upfront about price and I keep choosing the most expensive ($35-$45/sq. yd.), which is out of the range of our flooring budget (about $25/sq. yd).

I am looking for a SmartStrand carpet. I like the idea of Triexta, but have noticed not all SmartStrand is Triexta? I had been looking at the Sera Bella, Marciano and Stylin' lines. None of these are Triexta, is that correct? I want a nice carpet of course, but most important to me is a non-smushed appearance. I like a carpet to look fresh and "just-vacuumed" even after it has been walked on. And since we will carpet two sets of stairs, I want to make sure carpet can hold up to traffic.

Do you have suggestions for collection/style? Any help is appreciated, we have to decide very soon!


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Or anyone else?

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Now that you opened it up, I will give you some facts. You will not be able to find Sorona in a 25 dollar range and have it installed with good cushion. All SmartStrand is triexta as that is the new Government approved fiber classification. There is some unbranded Smartstrand out there on a Mohawk display that is triexta and can be bought at a lessor price than a branded Smarstrand display. I know this sounds nuts but flooring is a nutsy business. Believe me. You need to ask a Mohawk Color Center dealer to see their non branded Smartstrand display. These carpets are 1st and 2nd generation Triexta. It will not be as soft as the 3rd and 4th generation products, but will be less money. power Play for example is a 25 ounce cut pile...fairly light weight smarstrand that is sold normally around 19-20 bucks a yard installed. We just offered it in a big College Town to a property Management group for about 16.50 a yard installed with an anti microbial 6 LB cushion. But the least that I can buy a Branded Smartstrand and sell it with Cushion is probably 3 bucks a foot...Which is 27 yard and I am not sure it is that low. Trust me, there is a display out there that is unbranded SmartStrand by Mohawk. It is sold on the Aladdin Side of Mohawk. Many of the identical products are sold to the retail for 4 or 5 bucks a yard cheaper and it comes off of the same roll. If you find a retailer who is honest and not lazy...who will make a call to his rep on the Aladdin side...he can find you something. One last thing, and I shouldnt admit this...there is a display at lowes right now that they just put up. At least in my region. There is some smartstrand on there that I believe is mispriced. They had a nice multi colored soft yarn system frieze at like 2.50 a foot. Regular cushion plus there 97 buck install puts it about 27 a yard. It is a deal. PS a major price increase goes into effect on Monday....and it is 5 to 7 %. Good Luck.

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Maybe I should have said $25 is the price of the carpet, not including pad or installation? We did hear about the price increase, and I will be sure to get on it. I looked at our local Lowes and saw no Mohawk carpet at all... And online I only see 1 choice. Regardless, I think I am settled for Discovering Paradise. Wow, this is more complicated than I anticipated. Thank you, floortech!

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I was looking at karastan embraceable and got way different prices from two companies and one says he has a karastan carpet that is close to it in stock and it was sent by mistake and was cheaper to keep it than return it (it is taller and less dense) he also had same thing in a different color but that it is a promotional item from karastan they have a different backing than the floor samples and no way to tell on the roll if its made by them or not? its a carpet one dealer wondered how you can tell if its a karastan product they said they don't have a display for that karastan because its a promotional item thanks for your help jim

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Karastan does not have 1st quality promo items and he knows that. If it is not striped back, it is not Karastan. Karastan is not what it once was at all since Mohawk got their hands on it.They actually have polyesters in the line. Their are many many many many better choices for your money than Karastan. Sorry to rain on the parade.

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