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jmwbAugust 23, 2007

While my new Flexsteel leather couch and fabric chairs are beautiful and seem to be very well made, I'm VERY disappointed they were made in China. A sales rep at a local furniture store told me Flexsteel furniture was made in the midwest. NOT.

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Only the leather sofas are imported. Many (but not all) companies that offer both leather and fabric styles import their leather sofas but make the fabric ones here.

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Let me shed some light on Flesxsteel. I am a retailer and carry that brand. Flexsteel has a domestic division for over 100 years building furniture in the USA. The have in the last few years opened a plant in China for a division of product call Latitudes. Latitudes is built to some of the same basic standards as the domestic product but is entirely produced and upholstered in China.What is nice they have full control over this production facility which controls quality. These items are limited to a few colors per piece, but at a terrific value. (Material and labor cost much less over there.) This allows the American consumer a well built American brand at affordable prices. You can still order their product that is made domestically but it costs more. Your larger stores
tend to display and push this type of (import) merchandise, one reason is the consumer wants cheaper prices and most are not willing to pay up for good quality products built here.

Flexsteel has 4-5 producing plants in the US and 1 in China.90% of their product line is made domestically and entirely in the US, the other 10% is in China but is growing rapidily.

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I'm a Flexsteel dealer as well. Their Latitude Collection is terrible I won't even floor it.

I know leather furniture, selling superior brands such as Hancock and Moore, and Leathercraft as well as Bradington-Young. Even my delivery drivers were aghast at the poor quality of the Chinese Flexsteel...you know its bad when your delivery team comments on it.

Flexsteel does offer USA made leather on their US-produced pieces. Yes, it costs a bit more, but there is a distinct and noticeable quality difference IMHO.

I am starting to see the Chinese backlash from American buyers, and I'm glad its happening. The quality of the goods from China are suspect, and with the gluten in the dog food, and the lead paint in toys, there is really no knowing what is in those pieces you are buying. In the USA made pieces, there are health and safety standards that have to be adhered to that delivers a superior product. Spend a little more, and get a lot more over the life of the piece.

Just because something is cheap doesn't mean its a bargain.


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beachlily z9a

My husband and I shop for good deals. In our 30+ years together we have purchased three leather sofas. The first was a Classic Leather that had been in a model home. The second was a new Classic Leather and I felt we stepped down for the third--Leathercraft. All of these fine sofas have looked wonderful and lasted 10+. Our current 12 yr old Miami Blue Leathercraft is comfortable and beautiful and isn't going anywhere.

What's funny is that we don't spend a lot on furniture--we just keep it a long, long time. We have 30 yr old oak bedroom, 20 yr old Italian marble tables (dining/living room) and change out the sofas when we get tired of them.

I won't buy Chinese, but will continue to look for well built American furniture. Call me silly, but it makes money sense to me.

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None of these pieces are Latitude, they are all from the regular Flexsteel Gallery. Everyone one of them has a MADE IN CHINA label on the bottom. Leather and fabric pieces. And I sure didn't get any break on the pricing because they were Chinese made!

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Must be something new then, because last time I spoke with my Flexsteel Rep, only the Latitude Collection was made in China.

Flexsteel has production facilities in PA, MS, and IA. I know that when I order from the mainline catalog, they all come from one of those locations.

I'll have to look into it some more..


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I wonder if they are importing the frames and upholstering them here in the states?

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I wonder if they are importing the frames and upholstering them here in the states?

Probably not. Too much dead air to make it worthwhile, and probably would not be labelled "made in China" if only the frame was imported.

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Agreed. There are several components for even very high quality furniture that come out of China, and manufacturers are loathe to discuss that because they are very much aware of the current backlash of Chinese-made products. When pressed, they will confide that certain pieces of a product are sourced there, but prefer to keep it quiet unless confronted directly with a question on the topic.

It's a world economy these days. While I prefer to carry only USA-made goods its not always possible to ensure its 100% American made. For example, last commercial truck I bought was a Freightliner, American-made I thought. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and I found out it was made in Mexico, and Freightliner is owned by Dailer-Benz (German).

Duane COllie

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Well this is an interesting discussion. I'm going to weigh in on the side of American consumers over reacting to a few cases of poor quality Chinese goods.

It is your government that has pushed policies promoting globalization of production and economics. I'm not railing against democrats or republicans either, this goes all the way back to the 70's.

A ton of products we use every day are made in China and fine. There are products made in the States that ignore the safety standards and such that people say they want American made goods for. Due to the limited production of consumer goods in America in general the poorest quality labour in North America is now seen in the service industry instead - which is why you get a ton of unsolicited phone calls, people who seem like idiots serving you fast food and poor quality tech support among other things, and not as many low quality American made goods.

If you're really concerned about the low quality of some Chinese goods then push your government to stop paying attention to big business lobbies, stop forcing ridiculous economic and trade reforms on other countries, support fair decision making in the WTO, World Bank and IMF and control imports into America better instead of leaving it to American consumers to discover that the inspection of import goods is shoddy at best.

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I just came from the High Point show in N.C. and I have to say there is a huge shift in the business away from "offshore" (as they like to say), towards domestic goods. People were walking into showrooms and asking if the product was made in China and were walking right back out if it was.
It is sad to me when I see that people think that keeping a piece of upholstry for 10 years is considered a long time. We are dealing with clients of ours that bought product from us 25 years ago and aside from slight wear it still looks beautiful. They are changing the room simply from being bored with it...not because the arm fell off or the cushions are on the ground. We have been so bombarded with junk we don't even know what quality is anymore.
"Just because something is cheap doesn't mean its a bargain."
Profoundly correct.
I find it interesting when reading the blogs on this site..There are so many people that are looking for "price, price, price" "where can I find it cheapest, where do they do discounts" and in the same breath...get angry at the lack of service and are dissapointed at the China sticker underneath. What do you expect!!
That doesn't mean that people have to sell their unborn child to get nice furniture...but maybe you have to wait and save money for a little while, work with a professional that can offer more than 3 fabrics and 2 leathers for your sofa, and pay for the job well done...or does everyone on the planet know how to do everything "themselves"? Just because you can do it... doesn't mean you can do it beautifully.

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I too sell Leather, For over 25 years now. A very smart Chinese Gentleman told me "Alex, you ask me to copy something and I will 100% stitch for stitch, Ask me to make it look the same but make it as low cost as I can, and I will".

As to the first comment that her set is beautiful and well made. So what's the complaint?? Flexsteel Quality, Flexsteel Warranties, at a reduced price as it was mass produced in the Latitudes division in China. Would she have bought it for $1400. more if it was made in California? As for a retailer comparing Hancock and moore to Latitudes? LoL. This is a comparison of cadillac and a chevette. They are both cars, we all like the Cadillac but some of us have to buy chevettes as we cannot afford Cadillacs.

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beachlily z9a

Nottootoo, 10 years is a long time when we were moving every 4 years! Those sofas were loved for the time we had them, but 10 years each of dark brown, then chestnut and then blue green--sounds like the major color trends we've gone through in the last 30 years! (there must be a reason in there that I get physically ill looking at beige and brown these days!) The first two sofas were too big for subsequent homes so they were sold to people who couldn't afford those brands of furniture when they were new. Currently, we are looking at the blue/green sofa with the thought of perhaps a different color. That doesn't make it bad! We do like some change in our home environment!

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I will NEVER purchase furniture made in China. In fact, if there is an item I am going to purchase, and the only way it is available is if it is made in China, then I ask myself if the item is essential to my survival. It usually isn't, and I leave it on the shelf.

If I can obtain an item made in the USA, then I buy i, even if it cost more.

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I have noticed a general trend in customers in all age groups that are specifically asking where pieces are made before purchasing. There is a marked preference by most to purchase goods made in the USA, and are willing to pay more (in general) vs. Pacific Rim made items.

This is counter to what I used to see three-four-five years ago when price points were the prime criteria and country of origin much less so.

It may have been the lead-in-paint-on-toys, or the gluten in pet food from China that made the news last year that began this turnaround.

Chinese goods are going to have to become more expensive as well, as transport costs on both ships, rail cars and trucks to get them halfway around the world are increasing considerably.

Its a good trend. More US jobs, more US production. Better Quality.


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Bump! I have a fabric Flexsteel love seat and ottoman on order. It cost a bit more than what I wanted to pay ($1600). I did it because I was told that it was made here and because of the brand name. The salesman assured me of the same. Are we saying here that this product may not be? Do I have a case for returning (it's fully paid for) if the label says otherwise?

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I recently was searching for a new sofa. I too, was told at the Flexsteel store in Billings that all their furniture was made in the US...
I ended up ordering a less expensive sofa, because my house is 'for sale', and I do not want to take any furniture with me to a new house. I ordered Broyhill, which is probably made in China also. I wanted US, but with the circumstances.....
I sure hope I don't get a rash or have respiratory problems with the leather...that is why I will be ordering a US made one when I move.
My personal problem with buying China (or other like countries), is the child labor.
I do not want to support child labor, which is alive and well over there, just as horse thieves are alive and well here in the US.
It is so difficult to buy US- you have no idea how many pieces of clothing I have put back on the rack because of it. Try to buy a toaster, a tv, it is almost impossible.
Maybe that is why we are in the mess we are in now.

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Just a note here, almost all Rv's have furniture made by Flexsteel in them, I believe because of durability and also because they make compact sizes with all the options,sofa beds, recliners etc. etc.

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I had a Flexsteel Leather sofa and loveseat. JUNK

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We just received a Flexsteel wooden rocking chair (Las Cruces collection). The tag fixed to the bottom said "made in USA", and stuck to the frame on the bottom was "Made in China".... and, although the woodwork was beautiful on top, when looking from underneath, it looked like it was made in China. It lasted 1 day in our home before returning to the store. What a bitter disappointment after waiting for 2 months for it to arrive.

When I returned it, the salesman at the store told me that the frame is built and shipped from China and the finish and upholstery was done in the US.... but that was surely not said when we ordered it (made in the USA was, however), so I urge caution in that regard! We paid over $700 for that chair & expected something better than that. The Flexsteel name has surely taken a big hit in my book. Advice: do your research & be careful if ordering.

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Wow -- I wish people cared enough to buy cars from American companies like they do furniture!

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We are currently building a new home and in the market for some furniture. We want to buy furniture made in the USA. We have heard that Huntington House is a strong competitor of Flexsteel and is 100% made in the USA. Does anyone have any experience with Huntington House?

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I bought a Flexsteel black leather couch & chair on 5/26/07 (from the Latitudes Collection). The black started to wear off the seats soon after. A leather expert told me it was due to a flaw in the tanning process (thus a manufacturing defect). Neither Flexsteel, nor my retailer will do ANYTHING to help me. They won't take it back! Flexsteel boast , "if you love your furniture now, wait a few years!" Wait a few years & you'll be in tears...over the money you flushed down the toilet!!!! DON'T BUY FLEXSTEEL!!!!!

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Hasn't anyone put together the fact that when you buy products from China, you are putting Americans out of work? At 64 years old, and being an engineer, I look deeper than many people into what goes into a product. You can bet that the steel that goes into the mechanisms in offshore products is crap. It has low tensile and flexural strength, and connection points will egg-hole and wear out in short order. The short term gain in profits will soon be a thing of the past, as the name recognition goes down the toilet. Look at La-Z-Boy. Once a great product, now a piece of crap. Wake up people. Do your homework, and insist on products that keep Americans that have pride in their work, working. Flexsteel, get your Head out of your rectum, and stop wrecking your name. The sad part of this whole situation is that most people will pay more for quality, but they have to depend on greedy salesmen with no mechanical aptitude for information. Relying on warranties is pure BS. Warranties are written by lawyers retained by the manufacturer to keep them out of hot water. The best warranty is a history of solid performance, and ownership by a caring entity.

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"There is hardly anything in this world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and those people who consider price only, are this man's lawful prey. It is unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money - that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot; it cannot be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better"

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stanley Furniture

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I got my fastwood from MC for dinner,it is cheap.
On the other side of the street, there is a nice Chinese restaurant which I have been before,the food is great,the service is great. Also, it is experience.
The hamburger are sooooooooo tasteless when I saw those delicious food through the window.
so, I start to complain..complain alot..

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Odor from our Flexsteel Latitude recliner is awful. Flexsteel wouldn't even answer my letter. I saw an Asian recliner for $249 in Dollar General. Probably didn't smell any worse and it was a lot cheaper than the $1300 I paid for the Flexsteel. Do our American companies deliberatly try to alienate their customers so they can justify going Asian? I see where the president of Flexsteel just sold 30,000 shares of his stock. Something his employees should know about?

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I've been looking for leather furniture for about 3 weeks. I've been to all my local stores. First went to Rooms to Go (where I've bought before and had no problems) but everything they sell is from Asia. Then went to American Signature...same thing. Went to Haverty's thought they would be better...it's made by Cheers in China. Went to a leather outlet to buy Palliser because at least it was made in North America only to find out it's crap and comes from China. Then I went to a small dealer who has been in business 60 yrs and was going to buy Flexsteel until I did my research on them. La-Z-Boy is crap. I bought 2 recliners a few years back that I kept returning for replacement and each and every time the problem was the same--squecky creaky and smelled so bad I couldn't stand it. So now what?? How have we allowed US manufacturing to exit our country?!! It's shameful. We are putting ourselves and our future generations out of work. Maybe it's time for Americans to work for a bit less to have a job! We've got to make some concessions or we aren't going to be able to compete in the world economy. It's sickening to me that we no longer make TV's, tools, phones, on and on. We need to take back our country. America wake-up!!! Now...where can I find some decent leather furniture that is made in America??

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Try Hancock & Moore. Great leather furniture.

Problem with Made in America is that most say they want it but then aren't prepared to spend the extra bucks to get it.

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Room and Board is another place that sells great furniture that's made in the USA. They have leather and aren't that awfully expensive, either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Room and Board

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Flexsteel has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They hide behind an email address. They have no phone numbers. They claim they have reps that will take care of any issues. But no one ever calls.
We had problems right from the start with poor craftsmanship (the piping that ran down the back of the sofa was diagonal over 2 inches instead of vertical, cushion jackets that wouldn't stay in place, and fabric that unravelled)

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I realize this topic is pretty old, as is the comment I signed up to reply to, but since the tread was recently revived I figured what the heck. Responding to stir_fryi's comment on Feb 5, 2009, whether (s)he sees this or at least others that are reading through the thread and read their comment: Most "American" cars are not made in America. The majority of them are made in Mexico and, to a lesser extent, Canada. Whereas Toyota makes a large number of there cars here. Furthermore, people are concerned about buying furniture in China because of the lesser quality of those products when compared to American made furniture (whether perceived or real). However, most people feel, and with good reason IMO, that the inverse is true of cars. That is, many foreign cars are higher quality than those made by the American companies. This does seem to be changing in the past few years, as I think the American companies have woken up and are starting to produce better quality products, but I still don't think they've caught up.

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I have been looking @ a latitude series love seat @ the local store and thought it was a very comfortable & nice looking as it was dual rocking & reclining leather. I even made a special trip to town today to see the price and if it was still there. Now I am not going to buy it after finding that it is made in China as I will not knowingly buy anything from China. I bought a new Chevrolet Silverauto a couple years ago and had to put a new motor in in just last week and I find out that the GM R&D is now in China and they own a big part of it. I don't want Ito get political but when they got all the buy out money they opened up 3 new plants in China. Now that is not right and I will never buy another GM product again either. People better wake up here and start looking @what is happening here in the good old USA?

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Not only the mechanisms but 90% of the leather comes from outside of the USA for Leathercraft and as I have seen the quality of their leather from years ago in my purchases are worse. I think they by cheap leather and sell it for the prices they used to sell the high quality for. The customizing that Leathercraft brags about they have it to do it over 3 or 4 times to get right costing the consumer more money because the use of more leather and the excuse not having enough fabric. Companies like these do not need to call them selves HIGH END! If you want high end go to CR Laine, Hancock and Moore, or Huntington House. It is a same Southwood is not with us anymore because they were VERY HIGH END and Williams Sonoma VERY CHEAP FABRIC and frames for a large profit. So beware as the Furniture Market prepares feel of the arms, see if you cushions come out of a leather piece of furniture, and use the mechanisms before purchasing companies like Leathercraft are always changing suppliers to get cheaper and cheaper. I am sure they are more companies doing so but I can only tell you about me dealings with them their leather cushions and backs you cannot pick them up on 95% of the jobs!

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Latitude is made in China and the South Haven collection is made in Juarez, Mexico

The Corporate office phone number is 563-556-7734 which is located in Dubuque, IA if you need to contact them.

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I have also been told by some retailers that certain recliners are being made in Mexico. Does anyone have any information on that. I am in the market for a good quality recliner and have always purchsed flexsteel in the past.

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Many comments on this site extoll the virtues of recliners made in the USA. About two and a half years ago I purchased two standard recliners from Comfort Design ( a Klaussner Company) I wanted an American made product because I believed it to be better than made in China, and I would be supporting American workers. It was purchased through Carolina Rustica.
Wow, was I wrong! First , both recliners are all leather ,grade 4, and both started peeling on the corners of the foot rests within months of delivery. Next, the reclining mechanism on one stopped working properly. Last, the back padding of both chairs flattened out so that my scapula rests on the wooden frame. The good news ? At least the hardwood strip supporting the back is still in place . Nothing like sitting in a recliner with no back padding.
I am the only person who sits in these chairs. We do not have any pets. Moreover, the chairs were rotated so that they received even wear. Although Carolina Rustica's price was excellent the customer service was poor. Comfort Design-Made in the USA--in a word--junk.
They did send replacements for the footrests for me to install ( this occurred when the full warranty was still in effect). Also, I just received, at no cost to me, two recliner mechanisms without installation instructions. Given my extensive knowledge of recliner repairs this should be a piece of cake to install ---Right.
Also, Carolina Rustica's vaunted customer service ( sales person-a dept. of one) always promised to "look in to it or check with the factory " rarely returned my calls.
This is a thumbnail sketch of my experience , others probably have a better experience and will recommend these companies and recliners made in the USA. My point is, just because it's made here does not mean that the recliner is better.

This post was edited by Charles327 on Sat, Sep 13, 14 at 13:49

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I think as a rule aa product made in the US is going to be superior to those imported from other countries, but as you inidcated in the post above, it isn't written in stone. Many other variables can come into play. As far as your Comfort Design recliners I would give Comfort Design a call to try to get the issue resolved and copy the retailer with a follow up email.

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I sent several messages to Comfort Design, the last was ignored completely. I am not sure whether products made in the US are better in quality--most comments are anecdotal ( like mine) and make a generalization based on a specific instance. Also, many Americans assume that Chinese products are inferior and have a built in bias against such products ( accurate or inaccurate). We are in the market for a reclining love seat to replace the two recliners and are considering Flexsteel. My concern with Flexsteel is that the Sofa Store in MD claims ( on their website) that all of their products are made in North America including Flexsteel's Latitude Collection. I know that the China has a great investment in NA but did not realize that China is now part of this continent .

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Check the warranty. If the warranty is a limited life time warranty then it is whatever the manufacturer says it is. For example, Flexsteel (and most manufacturers) give a one year warranty which covers defects for one year--parts and labor. A lifetime limited warranty on the frame, for example means that, in the event of a warranty problem, Flexsteel will ship the part (s) to you. You are responsible for the shipping cost. When the part is received, the consumer is responsible for the labor to have it repaired.Check out the vaunted L-Z-Boy warranty--the same standard applies.
The consumer is essentially getting a one year warranty for parts and labor, everything else is window dressing.BTW , I am not certain but even under the one year warranty, the consumer may have to go through a song and dance to get satisfaction. It probably depends on the store where the merchandise was purchased.

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I agree with Charles shop the dealer as much as the manufacturer and see what kind of sevice the retailer offers.

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On 10/16/2014 Purchased 2 Flex steel 1550-54P PWR GLIDER recliners 349-70 fudge with Fabric protector. Total $2,079.98 .delivered on 10/18, on 10/25 lower lumbar support snapped out of place on 1 chair contacted Ms. Bowers ( Customer Service asst Manager with Boulevard Home Furniture ). She said they had just received a new shipment of the chairs and would send a new one out and remove the broken one. My , they just lost a battle but WON the WAR we would be clients for ever and tell our friends and family . On 12/18 the lower support on the 2nd chair snapped out and made chair useless. On the 22nd called and talked to Ms. Bowers. On Jan 6 2015 Tech came out and said , yes it is broke but all they would do is replace the back of the chair. This is unacceptable to us .We purchased NEW Recliners for over $2 thousand dollars. We are retired and do not want to risk having problems. Two out of two break. We asked Ms. Bowers to replace the second chair with a new one as she had done with the first. She stated that Flex steel’s & Boulevards policy would not do this. I am amazed at this ,the chairs both obviously had manufacturing defects and broke at the same spots in less than 45 days of use by 2 60+ seniors . We asked to return both it was amazing how easily Ms. Bowers said no problem, $100.00 restocking fee. How easy it is for a company’s employee to walk away from a $2,200 dollar account that would have been in excess of Ten Thousand dollars over a 2 year period for our future purchases .We bought Flex-steel because they are supposed to be superior to Lazy boy/ Lane etc. We bought from Boulevard as friends had told us how good their customer service is.

She called a week later and said they had made a decision and would replace both . We thought oh maybe customer service is not gone . But she could not help herself and proceeded to say however they had sat in both and did not find anything wrong with the chairs . Calling us liars and her technician . We did not say anything just that we would pass , .

The widget is the same but how you /your reps service the widget is what keeps and gets repeat customers. They are picking up the $2,200 dollar chairs Saturday. We will not be replacing them with Flexsteel products, We will not be going to a Boulevard Store, and we will share with 100 friends and relatives what happened and how we were treated. I come from a 3 generation business of service. Plus 20 years of training horses. We have never had to advertise because our clients did it for us with word of mouth great service, great product, and fair price.

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