Engineered: float t&g?

pepperidge_farmApril 3, 2012

So we bought Mannington engineered 1/2" hickory hardwood whose spec sheet states it can be floated, and the quote was to float it.

The installer got the flooring, and just told us, after we requested the floated floor, that as the floor is t&g they can only nail it.

We think it's is undesirable to nail as it is in a seasonal house in the woods, with temp swings for -30F to 90F. Especially in winter when the house is being opened for use.

I suppose I am looking for any input: are we not thinking this through correctly, are these guys going to screw it up- maybe they don't know how to do it?

If the manufacturer endorses a float... Any reason it is not possible?

We are pretty competent DIYers, so we have a little clue about stuff...

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If the spec sheet says it can be floated, then it can be floated. Go online and get the floating instructions. Probably needs a tongue and groove adhesive. Many installers do not have a clue and do not do their due diligence with different products. Be careful and good luck! I agree 100% with all of your concerns.

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Thanks. We unfortunately had to cancel the supplier/ installer. Not good for anyone. Theft didn't seem comfortable with doing the job.

So we are going to stick with a glued t&g floating floor as it is the most appropriate for the application. Just working on finding a knowledgable installer.

2 questions:
Adhesive rec's?
Underlayment rec's? It's over ply then particleboard... Need vapor and acoustic ....


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Floor Muffler is great pat to use for both vapor and sound. Please use squeeze bottle glue for wood flooring installation which has a little more flexibility than regular wood glue.

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