size of garage door.

gex7April 1, 2008

I am having a 24x24x8 garage built. It is for a car and a 17 foot bass boat. It will be set back 8 feet from the alley with the alley being approximately 16 foot wide. I can not decide on what size doors. I was thinking either 2 9x7 or one 16 x7. I heard people have problems with wider doors. I was thinking it would be easier to back or pull out the boat with the wider door. Any thought or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance gex

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I now have two smaller doors, but in a previous house I had the one larger door. It didn't look as nice, but it sure was a lot easier to get in and out. I miss that door. Never had a problem with that wider door. You will want that extra room, especially for that boat.

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I have a 24 x 32 x 8 detached garage and went with one 16 x 8 door. I really like the extra foot tall door for my truck etc.

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Looking at your numbers, I can't help but think that a single-wide door would be a small target to hit when backing in the boat.
A 17' boat will have 3 or 4 feet of additional trailer tongue, making it 20 or more feet from the transom to the ball hitch. With it being only 24' from the door to the far side of the alley, the boat will still be at an angle when it gets to the door opening.
I would simulate these conditions in a parking lot with poles and cones to see what I'd be dealing with.

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