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burningmustardApril 8, 2007

I am looking to replace two 7' x 8' wood garage doors.

I think I want to go with Steel to reduce maintenance. These will not face the street, but I want it to look as nice as possible. These doors will not have any windows, and will be a basic colonial design in white.

Due to the lack of information on the web, I will probably choose either Coplay (Home Depot) or Wanye Dalton (Lowes).

Are the more expensive models of these brands worth the extra money? I plan to get an insulated model. If anyone has any information, or knows of other websites that would be great.



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First off avoid Home Depot and STAY AWAY FROM WAYNE DALTON. The Home Depot Doors are a very very thin gauge steel. They are extremely flimsy and Wayne Dalton is just junk in general. I would call out a reputable door company and get some bids. Your doors are probably 8x7 ( heighth before width). The bids are going to be a bit higher but it is money well spent. Try to stick with a 24 gauge steel door and or 25 gauge is also exceptable.

As far as insulation goes you can get a vinyl back insulated door that will probably work just fine. If the garage is finished a two sided steel looks better in my opinion as well as offers better insulation, usually about 2 points higher on the R-Value, but they are more expensive.

Good luck

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OOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I meant width before highth.

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