Rowe sofa or Mitchell Gold??

kaitland8August 14, 2006

I am trying to decide between purchasing the Chloe Sofa with two chairs from Mitchell Gold or the Nantuckett sofa with two chairs from Rowe. They are both slip covered (white denim)and very comfortable, but I think the Chloe by Mitchell Gold sits a little bit better. The price difference is about $1000 less for the Rowe furniture - which I could then put toward the coffee/end tables. This is for my den, but I don't have anymore teenagers at home, so it won't get "heavy use".

I've searched the forum and read positives and negatives about each. But, does anyone here actually have one of these sofas? I've heard Mitchell Gold holds up a little better? I certainly want this to last at least 10-15 years. I do have a very nice custom made 8-way hand tied sofa in my living room, and it looks like the day I bought it 15 years ago (except for some fading). I just can't afford to have that quality in the den.

Any suggestions, opinions? Thanks, Kait

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I would go with Mitchell Gold. Rowe is not particularly good furniture company. Not to say they are terrible, but not inthe same league as Mitchell Gold, whichis not in the same league as high end companies. Mitchell Gold makes the furniture (upholstered) for Restoration Hardware.
I have two fotheir chairs. they are certainly better than the two Rowe's I also have.

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Thanks hamptonmeadow. Are the Rowe pieces you have slip covered? I have read the upholstered pieces are better?

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Anyone else??

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What are the prices for the each set of furniture?

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After a great deal of shopping around (locally and on the internet), these are the best prices I have found:

Rowe Nantucket: sofa=$1316,side chair=$935,ottoman=$475
total cost: sofa, 2 chairs, ottoman tax/delivery= $4075
Advantage- sofa has 3 cushions to sit on instead of two, & from a local company with excellent customer service.
Disadvantage- mixed reviews on quality.

Mitchell Gold Chloe: sofa=$1806, chair=$1215, ottoman=$400
total cost: sofa, 2 chairs, ottoman no tax/delivery=$5241
Advantage, sits a little better than the Rowe. Reviews slightly better than Rowe. Disadvantage- ordering from out of state (but excellent customer service at the store where I vacation twice a year), no tax, but high delivery fee.

I'll be saving just over $1100 if I buy the Rowe furniture. This will certainly cover the cost of coffee table/end table/lamps. This furniture is for my solarium/den which is completely bare, so I have to furnish the entire room - including an office area and eating area in there, rugs, accents, etc. so there's lots of money going out!

I just don't want to spend $5k on the Mitchell Gold if it only has a lifespan of 5-7 years. I am really hoping to get at least 10 years out of this set. The room will be used daily by me, and is a gathering room for friends and family about once a week. Slip covers will be washable white denim, and later I can order additional slip covers in a darker, heavier winter fabric - that will help on wear & tear also. Thanks for the help!

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Still shopping, and still hoping someone else might have some info/opinion on comparison of these two brands.....

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I have heard good and bad reviews about Rowe over the years, but regardless, I just ordered a Rowe sofa myself (the Hanover). It had the pricepoint I wanted to pay, as well as the styling and the fabric choices were good too, so I went with it. I have previous experience with Rowe, as my very first sofa that I bought 20 years ago was a Rowe. It wore very well for me & I kept it over 15 years & then passed it on recently to my niece for her college apt. I know a few people who have bought Rowe in the last few years & seem to be happy with their choices.

I know nothing about Mitchell Gold, except what I've seen in magazine ads.

I think it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend & how high-end you want to go. I had a certain amount in mind & I wanted something that was decent quality, but not at all top of the line. I think I'll be very happy with my choice.

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georgiagal - Thanks for the info. Glad to hear the Rowe sofa lasted 15 years. I'd be very happy with that. WHY does shopping have to be so hard??!! lol.

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Why not do a search of this forum on rowe, mitchell gold and lee? You will find tons of already posted info on all sorts of sofas. You will also get great tips on what to look for in a well made sofa from cushions, to frames and fabrics. To me comfort and quality is key. I bought my Lee sofa and loveseat for around $4000. They are truly the most comfortable pieces of furniture I ever sat on. They are also well made and beautiful.

If the Chloe sits better for you then buy that one. Buy what you love. I guarantee you will regret not getting the better sofa after a year or two. If you can tell the difference in comfort now just imagine how it will feel a few years from now.

You want to get the most out of your $4000 budget. You may want to buy the best upholstered pieces you can afford now and wait a bit on the coffee and end tables. Let your space evolve over time. Try not to rush to fill it all at once.

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I totally agree with sister.

Furniture to be used by civilized adults (saw no mention of pets) should last a long time.

I have 2 white loveseats that are over 20 years old. They look great and my friends are astounded when they find out how old they are.

I would take that more comfortable seat any day. Your body will be poking at you later if you buy the less ergonomic one. And ya only get one body....

sorry to say, but we had a waterbed for 15 years. Waveless, temperature controlled and comfy. Unfortunately, it did a number on our spines and now my DH and I both see a chiropractor regularly trying to undo the damage. Not that your couch will do that to you, but you get my point.

Who knows, you might find an astounding deal on those tables at the neighbor's estate sale...

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Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments. It just might take a while to make a final decision. In fact, I might have to drive the 350 miles back to Florida to sit on the Mitchell Gold Chloe sofa again (that's the nearest store with that model on the showroom floor). I sat on it 3 months ago - kinda hard to keep the exact "feel" in my mind to compare with the Rowe!

sister3 - I have definitely read good things about Lee furniture. The nearest store in my area is about 50 miles away, but I think I will make the trip. I'm sure that will make me torn between three choices instead of just two!

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We have the Rowe slipcover sofa and chairs and really love them. They are extremely comfortable and the slipcovers are easily cleaned (a real boon with 4 grandchildren!). You can use the arrow at the bottom of the pictures to see other pictures of the furniture. Slipcovered furniture never has the crisp, perfectly neat look of regular upholstered furniture, but I love the slightly rumpled comfortable look. It is fairly easily to smooth out any wrinkles, but I didn't for the pictures so you could see how they look on a lazy Sunday afternoon when they have been used all day! I didn't even pick up the magazines or evict the cat! I chose Rowe because I liked their color patterns and the comfort of the seats. I can order new slipcovers anytime in the future because Rowe keeps the patterns, even when a line is discontinued. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am such a fan of club chairs. I love the color palette you chose. Your room looks so warm and soft and inviting.

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Thanks, Sister3! It is a very comfortable, warm room - we find ourselves using it a lot. My husband is building white cabinets and shelves for either side of the fireplace, which will lighten the room even more. The extra-wide chair and ottoman is perfect for grandchildren - we've read a zillion books with them in that chair!

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karenforroses - Your room is very similar to the room I'll be decorating (floor to ceiling windows and french doors opening to yard). I love the fabric you chose. And the sofa looks just like the model I am looking at - called Nantuckett. Is it the same one? Glad to hear some positive feedback about Rowe!

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Yup, Kait. It's Nantuckett. Thanks so much. I've always loved soft yellow, and have a collection of blue and white pottery and china, so the colors just seemed to come together. Were you able to open up all 5 pictures? If not, I'll post them.

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Yes, karenforroses, I was able to open all of the pics - just lovely. I also like the softer look of slightly loose slip covers - what a charming room! I really wanted the sofa and two chairs, but now that I see the chair and a half, well..... sooo many decisions! But I think I am on the verge of getting the Rowe.

Thanks everyone!

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Okay, I finally make a choice! Just placed the order for the Mitchell Gold Chloe sofa/chair/ottoman. I was so lucky to find a local vendor for Mitchell Gold who was on the verge of getting the Chloe sofa for their showroom. They offered to sell me the Chloe and if I am not happy with it, they will take it back for their showroom floor AND give me a store credit to purchase something else (at the 20% off sale price!). Lucky me! Thanks everyone for the input!

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