Running generator inside SHED

hgiljrApril 8, 2008

Hello all. So I have a TED shed, 10X14 along with a window. What would be the side affects to the shed or generator if I run it inside the shed with only the window open during the night but door open during the day? I am asking this in preparation for hurricane season down here in SFLA. I really want to lower the engine noise as much as possible during the nights so that neighbors do not complain. No one would be inside the shed while it is running and only the window open. Yes I know that not to run any type of engine in an enclosed area, but being that it is a shed and no one will be inside, with a window open, can a fire be ignited or anything to that matter? Any info appreciated. Thanks

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Howdy, if you dont make provisions to duct in fresh air to the engine from outside, you will greatly reduce engine life and performance.

As for fire, of course it could set the shed on fire. Plan accordingly when siting and building the shed.

Use a transfer switch!!

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I already have the shed, it is a pre built Ted Shed with a 2X3 size window. Would this be enough at night to bring in fresh air? Remember it will only be at night, since during the day I will have the door open and the generator on the edge of the door. As for transfer switch, already have it. Thanks

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a local fire dept has a 6 kw genny in the shed with their radio equipment. they extened the exhaust pipe out thru the wall and sleeved that with a small chimney flue where it passes thru teh wall. works great and no need to open the windows. they put a larger muffler on the outside, and you can barely hear it running right next to it.

back to you question though, that window will be enough most likely. keep in mind tha tsheds are not airtight anyway, so i should get plenty of fresh air. it would be a little nasty smelling in there, but it should not hurt the genny.

DO NOT STORE PAINT OR OTHER FLAMMABLES IN THE SHED!!!! i would not even keep the gas can for the genny in there with it. i don't know about your genny, but all the portable ones we have will start to backfire as they run out of fuel. if you have flammables in there, even cloth or paper, and this hits it you could have a fire quick. keep the genny in the middle of the shed and nothing in front of the exhast for several feet.

even better, open the door and point the exhaust out the door. chain teh genny down to the floor so it don't walk off. your neighbors won't mind the noise, it is the sight of your lights on when theirs is off that makes them mad!

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You could always put a window fan in one of the windows to help suck the exhaust out and bring in fresh air.

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Don't do it... Every year we hear of poor uninformed folks that end up dead because they try to make the temporary power situation as convinient as possible. Some leave the genset in the garage, out of the weather. Others do stupid stuff like heating a home with a space heater that isn't safe for interior operation. Either way, cold or hot, people die from the lack of Oxygen present in the area where the unit is being operated. The problem with finding out if you have proper ventalation is that by the time you figure it out, you're dead!!! One lungfull and that's it, game over...

Whatever you decide, make sure to keep your life insurance policy handy and up-to-date...

BTW... I am a saftgeek by trade and I tend to be a little on the gloom and doom side.

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saftgeek, if you even bothered to READ the post, he is wanting to run it in a shed far removed from the house, NOT the garage.

and one lungfull of CO will not kill you. it does nto take much mroe than that, but if just breathing in CO was instant death, no one would be alive in LA for the last 40 years. it takes a large exposure over a few minutes.

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The simple answer to this Darwinian question is.... NO!

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"and one lungfull of CO will not kill you. it does nto take much mroe than that, but if just breathing in CO was instant death, no one would be alive in LA for the last 40 years. it takes a large exposure over a few minutes."

Like going in to the shed to re-fuel the generator.
About the time you notice you are feeling 'odd' you can pass out.
Then you cannot move yourself to fresh air.

And the concentration of CO from a small generator in a shed is going to be many times higher than the free air in LA.

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A generator shed will do a great job protecting your generator from the rain and snow! I wanted a safe and good looking way to enclose my generator. There are also ready made versions. You can see my solution below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Generator Shed

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