Opinions on Select Maple vs.Quarter Sawn Oak select

ratremApril 29, 2012

We are installing new floors to be finished on sight. We were really leaning towards maple as I wanted something light and not overly grainy. I have now also been looking into white quarter sawn oak on a recommendation from our flooring guy. This is going in a 1920's colonial/victorian house. We do have lots of furniture in darker tones and some rustic looking, but we are modernizing a lot of finishes and floor plan (completely open) and I like the look of old with new.

Our kitchen will have white painted inset cabinets so the oak would look beautiful, but I really wanted to lighten brighten up the space with a light floor, plus the fact that lots of our furniture is heavy (leather couch, dark dining table, rustic pine desk etc)

Can any of you floor experts weigh in on the pros and cons of these two floors. The price is very similar and we are using select or better on both options.

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If you want a light result, then quarter sawn white oak finished natural using a high quality professional waterborne polyurethane is the way to go. You will get an assortment of browns, tans and blondes in such a floor, and it still will be light overall.

Quarter sawn red oak finished the same will also give you a light result, but the floor will show mostly pink and beige tones.

Maple is nice also. Different 'grades' in that product as well, so know what you're buying to avoid disappointment.

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hmm, possibly you would like the oak because of its dramatic color, matched with the rustic appearance of knots and grains which gives it the aesthetic appeal. on the other hand, maple has lighter and more natural color.

For me, maple flooring is much more descent and nice to look at.. But still the decision is yours, so good luck. One more tip, choose the one that will complement your home furnishings.

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