Steel or wood?

gaia6bApril 30, 2006

Hi - we're replacing two old wood doors on the front of our "garage" - the garage is actually an old brick and wood building, rather rustic. The garage sits right on the street, and the doors will be seen close-up by pedestrians. What am I getting at? Do I really want to put steel doors on this building? Isn't that a little out of character? Does anyone have wood doors that last and that they love? (The local door salesman is really trying to talk me out of wood.)

Thank you!

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Wood rots and it is really heavy to open. BUT, if you like wood and are willing to care for it then get wood.

No brand, my parents 2 car wood door lasted 30+ years because every 2 years Dad sanded the bottom panel and painted it all. No matter Dad's meticulous care, that door got darn heavy when it rained.

You have a wood door so you know that. That guy might be pushing steel for a sales quota. If you want a wood door for one reason or another then get a wood door. It would just need care.

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