Need help with cane weaving

jweaver64August 18, 2010

My grandmother recently got 2 old rocking chairs, and she wants me to restore them for her. The seat and back are woven with bamboo in a herringbone pattern, and I'd like to keep it the same.

I know most of what I need to know to weave the seat and back, but I have a question: How do I attach 2 strips of bamboo together (end to end) to continue weaving when one piece runs out? I don't have the chairs with me to find out how it's done, and I'm just curious about how I would do it.


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you don't attach end one strip at the chair seat edge and begin with another, that's why you use pegs to hold the cane in the holes. When you are finished, you work all the ends in under the loops on the chair bottom.
Linda C

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Thanks for the reply, I guess I should've specified.
The chairs aren't the ones with the octagonal holes, they look more like this:
I have a book that shows how to do the former, as well as rush weaving, but it doesn't say anything about doing what's in the picture.

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So how did we get from woven chairs to fishing fly rods?

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It's called herringbone weaving. the link has directions.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Directions

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