Minimum Size of 3 car garage

lyfiaApril 12, 2006

What is the minimum size for a 3 car garage? Or how do you figure how much space you need for each vehicle.

I've got an extra wide and deep 2 car garage and trying to figure out if I could turn into a 3 car garage by moving the garage doors to the side of the garage.

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What are the dimensions of your current garage?
I think you would want at least 30 feet. If you have a neighbor with a 3 car garage, just measure theirs, or if a normal sized 2 car, measure that and multiply by 1.5

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Thanks I go the info I needed from some on the home builders forum. I belive my current one is 22x32. Think it is too small to do a 3-car. Think I will build a shop instead. 3-car garages are not the norm around here (though getting more common) so unfortunatley I couldn't just measure somebody's.

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I do think size wise it could be a 3 car. Personally I think the workshop would be the way to go.
I found this online floor plan of a local builder:

The 3 car there is 23'2" x 32'2". My 2 car garage is 30' wide x 20' deep, so I do think you'd have room, but like I said, I'd rather do the workshop. It might be cheaper anyway!

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Keep in mind, 8-foot wide for each garage door is the smallest. nine foot wide is better if you have the room for three, nine foot wide garage doors. You can even consider using maybe 2 eight foot doors and one 12 foot. one 16 foot door and then one 8 foot door is nice too. You loose a lot of usable space using 3 doors. Use 1 large door, (for 2 cars,no center post gives you lots more usable room) and then 1 small. If you can, at least go with 3 nine foot doors if you must use 3 door openings. Be careful on the height! Many people are buying larger vehicles, suv's and trucks, they won't always fit into a standard size garage, (height). Consider 7'6" or 8'0 on the height. Most standard door height is 7-foot. Garage door companies are charged the same for a door that is 7'6" or 8'0" although they may charge a bit more for installation. Just don't forget the height. If not for you, it will increase the value for resale to the next person with all the trucks. Dan

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LOL Dan, We have 3 trucks and 3 cars. If I was going to go this route I would have done one large door and one small door. I personally don't like the stile between doors because when you want to work on a vehicle or just clean out the interior it is much easier to pull the other cars out and park in the middle. IMO a double door is worth it.

Dan - the height requirment you mentioned is a good point. I will check what we currently have. The current height is a perfect height as I used to park a F350 long bed in there and it fit under with no issues (except antenna).

I think converting this garage would be a lot cheaper than building a shop, I can easily do the re-framing myself. However I think a shop will probably serve us better. Since a 3-car only takes care of half our fleet ;)

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A double door is great. My garage has a 20 foot door on it. If I'm pulling a friends car into their townhome garages, ie-single door, I go so slow since it seams narrow compared to what I'm use to!

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Keep in mind, if you have a large enough yard behind one, (or more) of the garage doors, you can put a garage door on the other end and drive through. Sometimes it is easier than backing out a large truck. Dan

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The width of a three car garage would be 32' as a minimum, but it is nicer to have 24' or 26' depth at that size.

Also, I have heard there are building codes which may prevent you from moving the door to the side profile as those are weight bearing walls which need more support than what the door provides. There may be a way to do it, but it's something to keep in mind.

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