Garage door cable off roller

dchall_san_antonioApril 23, 2010

The cable on the left side of my garage door has come off the roller allowing it to drop with no lift assist from the tension spring (center mounted). The door is cocked pretty badly so the top left keeps running into stuff as I raise it. By pushing down on the right side I can get the door straight enough to move it base the obstacles.

Once I get the door to the top is there anything special I have to do to get the cable back on the roller? Seems like I could just wrap it on (assuming I can get behind the door to do that). Anything else I should know?

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i've had success with vicegrips clamped to the track,pulling down on the door giving some slack on the messed up cable drum. then winding the cable onto the drum manually then removing the vicegrips. good luck!!!

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You use the vice grips to keep the door from falling down?

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You need to hold the door up with some type of a prop, (2x4) (I've also used the vice-grip in the track trick, but this has been known to fail at an inopportune time)
turn the shaft on the spring/reel mechanism to take tension off of the cable,
inspect the cable for damage (a broken strand calls for replacement),
shift the cable back onto the reel, taking care not to nick or otherwise damage the cable,
ensure the entire cable is neatly wound around the reel without overlapping itself,
check the other reel to ensure it has not fouled while tension was removed,
reapply cable tension,
recheck the reels for cable fouling,
remove the door prop.

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