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mwiederApril 20, 2007

I have a 10 year old Genie ScreeDrive. recently we had a racoon in our garage and ever since, the safty beam light is blinking red and the door won't close with the remote. I have checked the wires, cleaned the lenses and unplugged and plugged the system, but the light still blinks. The system is such that only one side has an LED (currently red blinking) and the other side has no LED. How can I tell if the problem is that the other side doesn't have power since there is no LED there?

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On the genie openers the eye with the green light is the sending eye. It should be on. Double check the wiring. The genies have a wire going from one photo eye to the other and then one wire going from just one photo eye to the opener head. It does not matter which eye you hook the power wire to but, one of the eyes should have two sets wires. I am assuming since the red light is still blinking, this photo eye has the power wire running to it and the opener head.

You can disconnect the eyes and hook a new wire up to both of them and then hook the second wire to one of them and wire it directly to the opener head. If they work you have bad wiring. If not you have bad photo eyes.

Hope this helps, Good luck.

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As I said, the one I have has only the red light. The side with the red light has places for 2 input clips, and the other side with no light has place for only 1 clip. I understand that in 1995 Genie changed their models and that now they all have 2 input clips on both sides. Is there some way to get a newer replacement part working with only 1 clip, or must I find a legacy part?

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IF you only have one light and that light is red, then you have a Legacy I have never seen. Every genie opener I have ever seen ( and I have seen more than I can count) has always had a green light and a red light.

If racoon was in your garage and then all of the sudden things quit working and your sure all the wires are good. Then you can buy new photo eyes. They will come with two terminals on them with phillips head screws.

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It's a Genie Scredrive installed in 1994. Is there some way to convert it to the newer system?

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The new eyes will work just the same as the old ones only it will have a green light on it. This one is buggin me I am going to do some research and see what I can't find the set up you have. I know the newer style eyes will work with yours though. I have seen units that old with the green light on the sending eye.

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