Storage Shed Questions

abernatApril 29, 2013

Thinking about building a storage shed.

Couple questions if anyone has an experience or advice.

1- I will be having a concrete base poured for it. should I leave any additional room around the shed? Or pour the base to the exact dimensions? I was thinking of having the based poured an extra foot or so around the shed, but then started rethinking myself on that due to rain/snow "sitting" on the excess.

2- More than likely going to buy on the pre-made "kits" - ie, one of those from HD/Lowes/etc. Any experience with these?

Thanks for any other advice someone might be able to give me.


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Just like a house, the slab should match the dimensions of the shed. Depending on what you want, the size of your shed, and what local code requires, a concrete base can be optional.

Those kits can be useful if you skills are limited but typically they're not of the same quality as if you bought lumber and stick framed the shed.

Another option is a local shed company. I bought one and the price compared very favorably with building it myself. Assuming you have access to the spot you want the shed, they pretty much drop it in place.

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