Luxury vinyl plank flooring

go_figure01April 4, 2013

I have been looking at flooring for quite awhile.
I have been looking at the laminate wood lines mostly, have ruled out hardwd and engineered woods because of maintenance and cost.
Recently came across "luxury vinyl planks" that actually surprised me. After a bit of internet surfing, discovered that there are many mfgs. Armstrong, Mannington, Dupont, etc.
Found 2 more that look really good; Reward Toasted Oak and MetroFlor Engage Seal Rock Hickory.

Does anyone have any pics or any experience w/vinyl flooring planks? Would love if you could share.

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I had asked the same thing a while back, here is a link to the postings at Gardenweb.

Or do a search in the forum for Novalis peel and stick. Hope that helps.

I did use peel and stick in my bathroom and I love it. Just make sure you fit it very tight together (otherwise there could be contraction gaps) with 1/4 in away from the wall, for expansion.

Here is a link that might be useful: gardenweb novalis

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TY hdrockercgirl! That was a really helpful thread.

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Yes, we chose vinyl plank for our townhouse last year, to replace carpet. I installed it myself as a first time flooring project, it was very easy to install and I have been told it looks pro. It cost 80 cents/sq ft (Lowes Surface Source, I think we got it on close-out as it's no longer available).

We are very happy with the floors, they look good - better than most laminate - and there is no noise such as squeaks or crackles. They clean so easily! At first we were careful but now we drag out furniture across the floor etc and have no scratches or marks. I did test various sample planks and chose this one partly due to it's especially durable nature. It's almost a year old now and looks the same as when installed. It is firmly in place not one issue with coming up, gaps or anything. I did follow instructions for installation to leave space under baseboards for expansion an installed in hot weather (it was 80 in May in CA). I put the planks in tight since it was about as hot as the house was going to get, and I don't see gaps now in the winter.

It went over old plywood subfloors upstairs and concrete slab ground level. I sealed the concrete with drylok before putting the floors in.

Here are some photos!

Installation upstairs

It is possible with careful measurement and planning to do an entire floor with no transitions

Installation downstairs over sealed concrete slab

downstairs is also continuous install from living/dining into kitchen and bathroom

vinyl floor transitioning to stairs - stained pine treads and painted MDF risers

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Wow tinan! You did a great job! TY for posting pics. It really looks good. I will ck out Lowes for sure.

Thanks again

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