Porcelain tile new product

pamike1April 2, 2011

Has anyone had experience, or heard good or bad about Clik by Daltile, or Snapstone products for kitchen floor. DH wants tile and I kind of like that it resembles travertine but is porcelain tile. Can't find any reviews on it, relatively new product since late 2010. So happy I found this site; I've lurked around this site to help with style preferences since we decided to remodel our kitchen. Just placed order for cabinets today after experiencing "decision paralysis" and on to the next decision (ugh). TY

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I found Cliks on Home Depots site. Looks quick and easy since you don't have to grout. But expensive.

Snapstone on Lowes site. This does need to be grouted.

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I wouldn't use it. Tile is rigid - your subfloor is not. As your subfloor expands, contracts and changes with weather, your tile cannot. Since Cliks is not supported by thinset, stepping on it if your subfloor is not perfect, will crack and break it. I can understand these "quick and easy" tile install methods for walls that will not see any stress in low-traffic areas, but on floors? Absolutely not.

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Thank you for your answers to my posting. I do want a kitchen floor that will hold up, since the back door leads through the kitchen, traffic is heavy. As my husband says we are a family with a tendancy towards clumsy, not to mention two dogs that use the back door to go outside, our kitchen is Grand Central.

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