can we talk carports here?

sailor86April 13, 2008

We're looking to add a carport here and I would like to get in touch with somebodies who have experience in purchasing and hiring somebody to install for them. This category was the closest but if I'm off- track please re-direct me where to go. Thanks.


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Posting here would be a refreshing change from complaints about Sears GDOs.
You might cross-post on the Remodeling forum.

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Alrighty then. What we would like to do is add a simple two-car carport(I haven't checked the dimensions yet) and so far we've got an estimate for $1650. Parts and labor. How does that sound to y'all out there?

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Not really enough information.
Where are you located?
what type of construction?
With or without floor?
Who gets the permit(s)?
Provisions for electrical/lighting?

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Wow. That's a lot to consider, but roughly, it's going to be a simple 4-post overhead carport. NO lighting or other electrical involved. Place over existing driveway. Not sure we even need permits around here for a carport(we live in the Fort Worth, tX area).
The posts are like 3"x3" steel posts, with the overhead like 18 gauge steel(I think that's what it is). Very simple construction. I'd do it myself but I'd probably make myself look foolish. At my age, I'm careful to not bite off more than I can potentially chew.
Also, would one need a helper or is it possible to go it solo?

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