First Peek, Newly Refinished Antique Hardwoods

beth0301April 2, 2013

I usually only hang out in the decor forum but I was so excited I wanted to share.

These were in pretty bad shape when I bought the house 3 weeks ago. Lots of pet stains had soaked through the shag carpet and melded in to the antique hardwoods. It was a nightmare just getting the old pad up as it was "glue" down with dried, uh, pet accidents.

I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out though! My motto is hardwood is forever, even if it was mistreated for a great many years. :)

This was taken tonight after I laid down the first coat of varnish. I'll follow up with a couple more coats, but was so excited I wanted to share.

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They look beautiful!! Did you stain them?

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Yes, they were sanded all the way down to bare wood, stained and this is the first coat of varnish. I plan to do two more coats.

They are wet in this photo - once they are dry I need to decide on how glossy I want them. I orginally planned on satin, which is what this is, but now that I see how pretty they are shiny I may switch to semi gloss for the next two coats. I'll wait until they are fully dry to decide.

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Just gorgeous!!!

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They are beautiful.

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I wonder how much you had to sand down before it showed the bare wood. Was it handscraped? Engineered or solid wood floor? It is always interesting to know how people resand and finish their hand scraped aged looking floors.

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