Storage Shed Plans/Kits???

ohmmm_gwApril 18, 2006

Does anyone here have experience with companies that sell storage shed plans or kits? What has been your experience in building or buying a backyard storage shed?

I am planning on building one myself about 8x14 or possibly 10x14. I have taken a look at the ones on display at Home Depot. But I think I can make it look better for less money if I just get the materials and do it myself.

It will be sitting on a 4" gravel bed with pressure treated floor framing.

So if anyone has experience with companies that sell storage shed plans/or kits, please give us your input. I have seen plans online for anywhere from $15 to $125 from basic to elaborate designs.

I am located in the Chicago suburban area.

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My lumber was just delivered today. I gave up looking for a plan that I liked at a reasonable cost. I'm just going to wing it on my own. It'll be 8 x 16 with a door on the front and side and two windows in the front. Only part that might give me trouble is figuring the angles for the rafters. Good luck

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Check out Menards if you have one close. I found their prices to be quite a bit cheaper than Home Depot. I haven't bought one yet, but I think I've made my choice. They have an 8x12 "barn style" model for just over $700. Not sure how much the price increases if you get a bigger size.

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I am planning on building a 12x14 shed. I bought two different books from lowes and there is enough information to help me out. A shed built already this size cost around $2500.00. I to looked at sheds. The prices of steel sheds are alot cheaper but I'm interested in building one out of wood. dave

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My coworker is building one from 84 Lumber - sounds similar to the Menard's one Shell mentioned above.

I bought mine assembled from the Amish folks here in South Jersey - 10'X14' for $2269 delivered.

Matches the siding and shingles on the house.

Considering my carpentry skills - it was worth it...

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I have to second the Menards suggestion if you have one near you. I built an 8x10 barn style a couple years ago and it went well and the cost was under $600. I am sure they will have a size and shape you want. My dad also built one from there that is about 10x14 but I don't remember the price. You supply the paint, shingles and some hardware. You have the option for various siding types from hardboard to plywood to vinyl.

It is a kit in the sense that you buy it in one package price but really it is just materials and a plan. There are no pre-assembled parts except the base frame pieces.

The base framing was a folded pre-assembled piece that you unfold. Imagine looking at the front of your building and cutting it in half top-to-bottom. That is how these look when folded. The halfs are held together with those flat nailing strips. I forget what you call them but they are those sheet metal strips with spikes punched out.

Anyway, you unfold those, nail in bracing at the joints, nail in some cross bracing and go from there. The bottom pieces are green treated along with the floor boards. I put mine right on a level piece of ground.

The plans were a little unclear in certain spots but if you take your time and measure twice you should be able to figure it out.

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Not sure where you live but I went to a local lumber yard that had displays of the sheds they sold (FOX Lumber). They give you a supply list along with building instructions. You can add to this list if you want to change out any part of the standard plan (additional windows, calopy door, etc.). They delivered the lumber to my residence at no additional charge.

If you plan on building yourself (with their plans) I would suggest calling around to area lumber yards and see if they have anything to offer.

Since I built my shed I've looked over what Menards and Home Depot are selling and I know my shed is of better quality at probably less cost.

Enjoy your project, rredogg

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Not sure if you received my addendum. Check out Fox Lumber, I think its in Oaklawn,Il on Cicero Ave. They have several sheds built on site. You can also check out there web site for photos.

I build my shed on stone as you plan to. If you've got any questions just ask.

P.S. after the shed is built "think electric," ;)

regards, rredogg

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we were dissapointed in the quality of the lumber in ours. none of the ministuds were straight, and boy what a job it was to get the roof finished...(it has a dip) but it's done and in use...

wish i'd known about menards...sadly they don't have them in our area....

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If you're dissatisfied with the quality of the kits, building to a plan can also be a fine option. Since you have a particular shed in mind, you can narrow down your search and find a plan to suit. Just be sure to pick a plan that has a blueprint, materials list, tools needed, and guides to foundation and roofing work. You don't want a plan that is nothing more than a drawing.

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sometimes you can get a pre-built deal, especially in the spring when they are trying to clear old stock. Look around and compare...just a thought.

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Hi , Sorry I didn't post earlier but I've been away from the web for awhile . I've built and bought a few sheds over the last 10 years or so and offer this perspective. I currently have a 7 X 7 shed made by Rubbermaid which I would not recommend for a number of reasons. The one I had at the old house was purchased at Home Depot and although I forget the make at present , it's easy to identify as the wall components are long rectangular pieces that slide together to build the walls. That one was fantastic , strong, rigid and easy to take apart and move if needed . ( I moved mine once with no problems ) However , sometimes the products available in the stores will not do the job and so I have gone to my local Public Library and found a book on sheds . One such is " Sheds- The Do-it-yourself Guide for Backyard Builders " by David Stiles . There are several others , including one , I believe by Black and Decker
Using these resources and equiped with a hammer and a saw , I've built a 6 X 8 woodshed , an 8 X 12 utility shed , and a 12 X 16 bigger utility shed , the 8 X 12 by the way was built mostly of salvaged materials given to me by a builder friend . In each case , (especially he 8x12 of course ) the cost was much less than the products offered by the building supply or speciality stores . The real beauty for me in building my own , is the ability to adapt the plan to my needs .

Good Luck

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There are actually quite a number of good DIY websites in blogland that teach you how to build a storage shed. They include comprehensive step-by-step instructions and guidelines with some even embedding videos and pictures to complement along the chunks of texts for you to better understand what they are trying to explain. However, if you are an amateur and has never done any woodworking before, you might need assistance from someone more experienced with hands-on experience.

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Hey there,

just wanted to add my two cents to this because just recently I was looking into building a little shed to store my tools.
As I have some basic woodworking skills I did not want to purchase a ready-made shed but found some good quality plans on the internet.
If you do a google search for "free garden shed plans" there is some decent stuff. Maybe you will find the right thing. I ended up buying a whole collection of plans and from that I picked one plan that exactly suited my needs.
If you have some skills and/or are ready to learn something this can be a cheap option and you can customize the plans to your liking. The package I got also comes with how to instructions and material lists. Check it out if you like, I can recommend it. Dug out the link for you...

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Shed Plans

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