What Is Ratio For Oil Vinegar Dressing?

bulldinkieFebruary 28, 2012

Is it 2 parts oil.1part vinegar S&P anything else???ty

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I do it to taste - it depends on the type of oil and the type of vinegar. If the vinegar has a strong acidic flavor, I would use three parts oil. Generally I make a vinaigrette instead that has several types of vinegar for a balance of flavors and one or two types of oil.


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Because I only like a little bit of salad dressing I use a ratio of 1 to 1 oil and vinegar. It's strongly flavored so I use less. I don't like oily salads. Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic or wine vinegar. A small amount of dijon mustard. S&P and a small amount of honey or sugar (sometimes). Whisk. Or shake in a jar with the lid on.


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Maybe a touch of oregano or dried parsley or garlic powder or homemade Emeril's seasoning (spicy) or a squirt of lemon or some dijon mustard. More oil if it's a strong vinegar. Taste and experiment. No two batches are the same!

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I think the perfect balance is 3 parts oil(olive), and one part (red wine) vinegar. I also add a splash of balsamic. Then, I add garlic powder, a pinch of oregano, dried basil, and onion powder. Then shake it all in a covered container vigorously to emulsify.

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'A spendthrift with oil and a miser with vinegar'--I like 3:1 oil (good EVOO) to vinegar. Here's my favorite dressing; I've probably made this a hundred times or so over the years.

Tarragon Vinaigrette Dressing

6 oz Olive Oil (see note)
2 oz White Wine Vinegar
1 tsp dried tarragon
1/8 to ü tsp salt (preferably kosher)
generous grinding of black pepper
4 to 6 dashes of Tabasco
about ü tsp of Dijon mustard

Put all the ingredients in a container and blend well with a fork or whisk. If you want it a little thicker, put an ice cube in it while blending it, removing the ice cube prior to dressing the salad. It can be made up earlier in the day and stored in a glass container, covered, in the fridge; just whip it up again immediately prior to dressing the salad. Makes about one cup.

Note on olive oil: this recipe is only as good as the oil you use. DonâÂÂt use cheap olive oil (or--horrors--"âÂÂliteâ olive oil.) Use a good green âÂÂprimaveraâ extra virgin oil, no blends. Bertolli is fine. If you can find (and afford) a Provencal French oil like Hilaire Fabre or James Plagniol, get it; itâÂÂs fantastic. Variation 1: use walnut or hazelnut oil instead of the olive oil. Variation 2: for the vinegar, use half vinegar and half lemon juice.

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3 parts oil to one of vinegar.....and I prefer a less acidic vinegar than most red wine vinegars. I mostly use rice vinegar....sometimes half cider vinegar and half balsamic.
I like to start with something that will emulsify the oil and ingredients....mustard is usual for me.
Crushed clove of garlic, some herbs....oregano, basil, parsley, dill....some or all.
And sugar...I think sugar pulls it all together....just a generous pinch for half cup of dressing. I know several who adamantly say "no sugar in my dressing!!"....but love my dressing.....and I say....don't ask don't tell.....but I guess that doctrine is outmoded now....LOL!

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Yes, sugar, thanks for reminding me, Linda. Maybe 1/2 tsp at most, and it does work well.

Note: if I'm doing a bottle of dressing that we'll use over a couple of weeks' time, I'll use the dried herbs. But if I'm making a one-dinner dressing, then I'll use the fresh herbs and garlic. Not sure how long chopped fresh Italian parsley and oregano and basil will do after too long in the fridge.

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3:1 if it's something that others will be eating. 2:1 if it's for me. I just can't seem to get enough of vinegar- especially balsamic.

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I'm with ynnej. I tried the 'right' 3:1 ratio many times, and it tastes dreadful to me. I need much more acid no matter what kind I'm using. Sometimes I cast off the oil altogether, and just use salted lemon juice or something. It's especially nice with a salad that's got rich toppings. Like Lars says, adjust it to please yourself.

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I agree with the others, too much oil. I tend toward a 1:3 ratio of oil to vinegar, or no oil at all. Since I use very little, or no, lettuce in my salads, the oil is pretty unnecessary, just clogs up my coronary arteries, even the good stuff. I chop my veggies small enough to eat with a soup spoon (it's much easier to eat a salad at work with a spoon), so I'm going for a good strong taste - balsamic vinegar is my current favorite.

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we as kids use to go to this little resturant down the street,Mom would get this salad all shreded with oil,vinger loved it.Thank you all.

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Thought I don't measure, probably closer to 1:1 for me... maybe slightly more GOOD olive oil than acid. Type of acid can vary... red wine vinegar, flavored vinegar, etc. If I use Balsamic... just a little along with some other vinegar. Have subbed lemon juice for vinegar with nice results... nice on a seafood salad like shrimp or fresh tuna. Also usually add a pinch or 2 of sugar.

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