ventilation in my workshop

manu01April 4, 2006

I am in the final process of setting up my workshop in a shed. The electrician is coming on the weekend to wired the place and I need to decide what kind of exhaust/ventilation I want. Couple of people suggested I will be fine with a couple of regular bathroon exhaust on both side of the shed. The shed is 9'x 13'and I will mainly use it for my hobby - stone carving. I am planning to leave the doors open as much as possible for additional ventilation. Any suggestions about a particular exhaust fan? Does the luvers need to closed when not in used?

thank you,


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Bathroom fans wouldn't work for me in my workshop, but in the summer it can get pretty hot and humid here in central Indiana. I've used an old furnace blower either sitting on the floor or hung from a ceiling joist and aimed directly at me to cool me off! Just wired it to a heavy cord and plugged it into a wall outlet.

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i did some research on dust collection for a wooodworking shop. i don't know how translatable the systems are, but you might want to check out a very extensive site i found: you can google "bill pentz" and get more info than you bargained for. the bottom line is, stone dust (and wood dust) can be bad news for your lungs, so it's worth making sure you're as well protected as possible.

good luck!

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What I found to be quite effective is an attic fan mounted on the outside wall. I picked one up at Home Depot along with louvers for outside. It has a temperature sensitive switch which I bypassed. I wired it to a wall switch. So when I have too much dust or paint fumes I open a couple of windows on the other side of the shop and turn on the fan.

But I would not recommend this as your only dust removal. In my wood shop I have a central vac with pipes running to my floor tools and a ceiling-mounted dust collector as well.

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