Kahrs (3-strip) - Reviews/Opinions and more

avivacarolApril 13, 2011

Hey folks. Would love to hear from owners of Kahrs 3-strip or even 2-strip floors. I am looking at 500 sq.ft. of liv rm/kichen/bath for Kahrs Red Oak Devner floated in downstairs condo. I have medium dog and 7 year old.


* does the floor seem to busy with all the little strips (3-strip)

* do you see the side seams and panel butt ends alot

* how has it worn?

* what do you like/dislike

* regret or still happy with floor?

Photos appreciated. Any comments about Kahrs in general also welcome. Especially if you did the Spirit Maple Dune 1-strip. That looks nice too.

Carol - avivacarol@aol.com

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