Chamberlain buzzing noise

ewchungApril 29, 2007

Hey folks, I have just purchased and installed a Chamberlain 1/2 HP screw type garage door opener, and everything works fine (lights, up/down motion, etc). The only strange thing I noticed is that the unit makes a buzzing sound (even when not in operation). I was wondering if this was normal. I took a ladder, and it sounds like the sound is coming from the back of the garage door opener unit. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Same here - sounds like a noisy transformer

Otherwise works fine.

Mine is a belt drive model

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Good to know, thanks for the post!

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We just installed a Chamberlain garage door opener (belt drive) about 2 weeks ago. When we first installed it there was no buzzing... until about 3 days ago. Everything still works fine though.

Has anyone found a solution or a reason for this?

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Same thing here. Buzzing that seems to be growing louder. I'm going to have the installer come back out and see if they can fix it. Very annoying

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i have a liftmaster belt drive which is made by chamberlain. same noise. i repair garage doors for a living and didnt even bother with it, but i think its a stuck relay. if it is, then its on the circuit board and should be looked at by a pro.

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Same here - noisy transformer

Just turn up your music - and it goes away

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