Moving garage door opening

bemilyApril 22, 2006

I live in a house where the garage is forward, out in front of the house with the garage door facing the side. The front of the house is all driveway. I hope I'm saying this in a way that is clear.

I'm thinking of having the garage door opening moved to the front of the house (get a new door) and moving the window that is currently in the front to the side of the house. That window is the only part of this 1961 ranch with any personality so I'd like to save it. This would allow me to use the current driveway area for a proper entry/garden area.

My question is about cost. I don't have a clue and before I waste a contractors time. I was wondering if anyone could give a ballpark figure for the cost of something like this so I can decide if I can afford this. Has anyone done this? Thanks for any help.

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You are going to have to have someone look at the site to give any kind of estimate.
A lot depends on how the roof is framed and oriented.
If the rafters run front to back, the opening is presently in a non-weight bearing wall, with the front and back walls bearing the weight. Moving the opening takes work to hold everything up while putting in a new header and the required supports at each end.
If the rafters run parallel to the front of the house, the front and back walls are not weight bearing and the job gets easier.
I would not even give a guess for actual cost since it varies by huge factors depending on the area you are in.

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