Couch/Sofa shopping?

DandoAugust 17, 2012

We began furniture shopping for our newly remodelled home six months ago. I think it's safe to say that I've been in every furniture store from Memphis to OKC and everyplace in between. And some of them several times.

I've covered more internet ground that also.

The Restoration Hardware English Arm sofa is what caused all of this. I LOVED what I saw on their website, It was the correct length, BUT...It was expensive AND they didn't make a short enough matching loveseat.

AND...when I started the search I had $2k on the brain and RH was pushing $6k for a sofa and loveseat.

During my search, I never found EXACTLY what I wanted....exactly the right length. BUT, I got close a few times and each time I inched closer to $6000.

Every time I found the right style, the right material, the right length...the price would be closer to $10k and I'd be right back to OOGLING over the RH sofas.

I'd then re-read all the reviews and do my best to justify the price, AND...Do my best to convince myself that the majority of the reviews were probably just a few upset people and that the "bad" probably wouldn't happen to me.

I was to the point where even the thought of walking into another furniture store would make me sick.

THEN, I saw a 2yr old RH sofa on ebay. I mean, the exact one I wanted. Said it was gently used and in excellent condition.

The pictures looked like a family of really big people had been playing jump rope on it though? It looked all out of shape, broken down. It just looked REALLY BAD.

I, if I buy that beatiful sofa I see on RH website...Is it going to look like this???

OH NO...Am I back to square one without even an expensive fall back plan?

Then...I somehow stumbled upon a website THECOMFORTABLECOUCH.COM

They had that sofa. They had the material and the color. Not the right length, but, after I called....The guy I talked to said they custom make these and would be more than happy to make a sofa the length I wanted. No problem.

His exact words were "I've never built a sofa that length before, but, I've always wanted to, and, I'd like to add that length to my, I'll do it".

How bout a short loveseat to match?

He said "How bout a chair and 1/2 to match"...We don't show that either, but, I can do it.

Can I get a few yards of extra material in that color and this other color you show, just in case I want some throw pillows made?

He said "sure, why not 5yds of each color, for my cost" (the price he gave me was INSANE CHEAP for this material request)

He then said "How bout I just make you three throw pillows in each color also?" Uhhh?? How much?

"Oh, $20/ea, those are easy."

5 weeks later they arrived. Custom built for me. Here in the states. and considerable less expensive than RH and anything else I'd found that even came close. These $20 throw pillows made me want to throw all my others in the trash can. I was amazed. And the sofas were AWESOME in "almost" every way.

"almost?"....Ya see, after seeing that RH sofa on ebay, I decided maybe a "tightback" couch would be better. I sure didn't want those back cushions to start looking like a trash bag full of leaves.

So, I had them make my furniture in tight back style. When I first sat on my new couch, It seemed that the back was really far back there. It wasn't so bad, but, if I could have absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted? Well, maybe some cushions that somehow worked fine, but, still showed the really nice tight back of the couch? (something in between a big throw pillow and a cushion made for it).

I called again, told this guy my problem. Told him I'd send him my idea of what style of pillow I wanted.

He said that he understood the problem and that making some custom cushions would be no problem, and...he would await my email with photo.

I've been busier than one can imagine, moving, working, etc.

I flat out forgot to send him a picture. I never even discussed price with him. My couch looks SO good in it's new home, I just forgot.

That was over a month ago.

TODAY, Just out of the blue, I get a big box delivered by fedex with a couple of huge pillow/cushions in it.

A note that reads: "I thought these might help you with your couch".

I don't have any affiliation with these folks aside from I bought a couch and a chair and 1/2 from them. (english arm, charcoal gray army duck fabric, tightback...they have pics of my furniture on their website).

I'm posting this here because it's worth checking out if you need something similar.

And I cannot remember the last time that ANY BUSINESS treated me this way.

I just don't know how to thank them other than saying a million thanks and hopefully letting others know they exist.

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Happy to hear it turned out well.

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Wow! That's amazing! Pictures Please!!!

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