complaint about charter one bank

wangshanNovember 6, 2008

I recently left Charter One BAnk because they screwed up my HELOC. Their website to pay online has only limited options and to make a long story short , because of their inadequacies, cause me to pay twice in one month..this happened not once but 2 times and they also after that, having the online statement show that 0.00 was due , went and charged me with a late fee. And this is the kicker..after going to the bank in person , closing out that HELOC, they managed to overcharge me and have owed me money for 2 months. After calling several times and not getting anywhere, I now see on my credit report that they reported me 2 months late !! Because of money they owe me ! SO NEVER bank with Charter one. I am going to blast this all over the internet so so one else has to go thru this bs. I am also complaining to the states attorney and if anyone knows what federal agency takes those complaints I would appreciate hearing from you. I am so aggravated right now I feel like suing them.

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There are great forums at for discussing things like this. You will get great advice on disputing the credit report isses, etc.

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You can pull your credit report free, and disbute the charge.

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There are three federal agencies that may be able to help. I would try the Comptroller of the Currency first. They were very helpful when my bank was bought out by another bank who raised the interest rate I had on a loan from 8% to 26%. There was a class action lawsuit filed against them for doing this. The consumers won!

"The Comptroller of the Currency respond to and investigates consumer complaints regarding the services mortgages, interest rates, credit cards, account deductions and much more."

You member page says your in Chicago. The closest comptroller is:

Comptroller of the Currency
2345 Grand Ave
Kansas City, MO, 64108

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Office of Thrift Supervision

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Dear Wang,

Agree with you on Charter - they are a terrible bank. Had an account with them for a couple of years. We still have a file folder full of their screw ups. The only reason we were with them is that they gobbled up a local chain of banks that we banked at.

I agree with you and the other posters, it's very important not to let this drop but to report them to all of the above said agencies.

As a sidenote, some other banks not to bank with or do any kind of home/auto loans are from personal experience: Fifth Third, TCF & of course HSBC (this one's backed by Shanghai Bank of China).

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Thanks . I have filed 3 complaints so far the FTC , the federal reserve and states attorney general. I will probably write a letter to the CEO of the new bank. Oh, believe me, they will not stop getting complaints til I get my money back. I have experian free for a year because my personal info was "compromised" via the Countrywide fiasco, so they gave everyone that that happened to free monitoring ,and I have had paid monitoring also. I could not figure out on their web site how to dispute a claim ,however. I will let you know if anything happens. This is so aggravating , but I will aggravate back ! :)

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